Sunday Encouragement: The Prayers We Answer {7.13.14}

Prayers We Answer QuoteI love, love, love this quote!  Praying brings peace.  Praying brings happiness.  Prayer brings blessings.  Prayer connects us to something bigger than ourselves.  But ANSWERING someone’s prayer… now that is truly an honor.  Knowing that our Heavenly Father entrusted you to be the one to act on His behalf  is something to be cherished, aspired to and reflected upon.

I hope you are all having a wonderful Sunday, friends!

You can download a hi-res copy of this HERE.

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    I am so very grateful that I was led to your site! Thank-you!!! Wishing you a wonderful week!! XO

  2. Samantha FIsher says

    Thank you for these encouragement notes, I love to see them! I work in a hospital and have encouragment quotes that I hang up for the staff to see, and I frequently come to your site to find them. Well done!

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