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A couple of months ago I switched my son into my daughter’s room and my daughter into my son’s room.  Although I am  no where near finished with either room, I am making some progress on both!  Today I am sharing a project that I have been thinking about for quite a while and am SO glad that it actually worked!  Sometimes when you’re kind of inventing things you never know if it will turn out but this one did!  Yay!  It really was just a solution to a problem.  The problem was my son no longer wanted bunk beds yet we really needed the extra sleeping space for when we had cousins come to visit or a friend sleeping over.  The solution was to figure out how to change those bunk beds into a DIY Trundle Bed!

DIY Trundle Bed: A Furniture Hack from

Once I gathered all of my supplies it only took me an hour or so to put it all together.  Super easy!

Here is what you’ll need:

  • Bunky board (ours was from our top bunk we were no longer using but you can get them for about $50-$100 at various mattress places or even Crate & Barrel)
  • 6 caster wheels (mine were 2″ steel wheels)
  • 2 handles, available in the hardware section of your local home improvement store
  • 2.5 yards of fabric (optional but my favorite part!)
  • staple gun
  • electric drill

DIY Trundle Bed: A Furniture Hack from

Shown is the underside of the bunky board. I removed that fabric before beginning.  It ripped off very easily.   The top is covered with a cheap, thin material of some sort.  Very boring and not very durable.  I got some cute navy ticking striped fabric from Joann to cover it.  I just folded the fabric around the bunky board like a present and stapled it with my staple gun as I went.  Suprisingly satisfying. :)

DIY Trundle Bed: A Furniture Hack from landeelu.comI then trimmed off the excess ticking fabric and added the handles to one side of the bunky board (in hindsight, I would have gotten handles that just needed to be screwed on from the front rather than attached from the back…. that was a big pain) and then reattached the bottom fabric.


DIY Trundle Bed: A Furniture Hack from landeelu.comI then attached the steel caster wheels using short screws and spacing them out evenly on either side of board.

DIY Trundle Bed: A Furniture Hack from


DIY Trundle Bed: A Furniture Hack from landeelu.comI then flipped it over and squealed with delight! :)  Then the moment of truth… would all of this fit under the bed?  I had checked that I did have some room to work with when I just had the bunky board and mattress under the bed but I still wasn’t entirely sure it would fit.  Luckily it fit like a glove!   My alternate plan, had it not fit, was to remove the casters and use those furniture sliders on each corner.  So if you don’t think you have enough room for wheels give those a try!

DIY Trundle Bed: A Furniture Hack from

DIY Trundle Bed furniture hackIt glides in and out like BUTTER.  Butter, I say!

Now when cousins or friends come to visit…. voila!  I keep the coordinating duvet and pillow in the top of his closet for easy access.

DIY Trundle Bed: A Furniture Hack from


DIY Trundle Bed: A Furniture Hack from landeelu.comWhat do you think?  I am in LOVE with how it turned out!  And as a bonus, he can’t just stuff a bunch of junk under his bed (his usual go-to move).    If you’re short on space but want some extra sleeping accommodations, give this a try!  And let me know if you do, I’d love to hear about it!



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    • says

      It is the bottom of a bunk bed set. It has an option to be put together lower (if it is set up as a bottom bunk) or a little higher if it is just going to be a twin bed. You could raise your twin bed using wooden footings or something like that if you need to. Thanks for stopping by!

  1. Amanda says

    Wow…way cool. I was just thinking of doing this in my daughters room. I have two in same room and they need one less bed and more room for a doll house/storage space. I think I will have to show this to my husband!! 😉


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