Teacher Appreciation Gift Idea: App-solutely Fantastic!

Teacher Appreciation App Store Gift Card Printable from landeelu.com-- so easy and teachers will love it!

My kids are out of school in a couple of weeks and we (they, mostly) couldn’t be more excited!  We have had a fabulous school year full of epiphanies, stretched minds and amazing teachers who have nurtured and inspired all year long.  I wanted to create something as an end-of-the-year gift that would show them how much we APPreiated all of their hard work!  My son said his teacher would LOVE an iTunes/App Store gift card so off I went!  This would also be awesome for Teacher Appreciation week!

This will take you all of six minutes to put together (five minutes seemed a bit short ;)).  Here’s what you need:

  • APP-solutely Fantastic School Year printable that you can download HERE.
  • scissors or paper cutter
  • tape
  • App Store gift card
  • embellishments (if you want); I used some navy cardstock and baker’s twine

Print off the PDF you’ve downloaded.  Cut it out with scissors or paper cutter.  Embellish, if desired.  Tape gift card in space provided.  Write in the To and From and you’re done!

These are designed to fit easily into a #10 envelope, if desired.

Teacher Appreciation App Store Gift Card Idea from landeelu.com--love this idea!Throw one of these together to show your teachers/tutors/teacher’s aides/office staff/principal/bus driver/etc. how much you APPreciated them this year!

I created a similar one for GRADUATES!  You can find that HERE.

Graduation Gift Idea: Gift Card Printable from landeelu.com-- easy and cute way to send a gift card.

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  1. capturing joy with kristen duke says

    so clever, you are!! I gave my 7th grade son gift cards for all 8 of his teachers 2 weeks ago (for teacher appreciation) and he still has 6 to deliver! Only one week left of school, hope it happens!!


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