Easy Thank You Gift Idea: Bananas and Nutella!

People love helping other people.  Some might complain about it more than others, but in the end, no one can deny the amazing feeling you have after you’ve helped someone who really needed you.  You might be the one helping… but somtimes you are the one that needed the help!  Others step in and lend a hand when life is giving you the proverbial butt kicking.  You feel loved. You feel taken care of.  And you want to thank them!  Today I’m sharing a quick and easy thank you gift idea that you can throw together in minutes!  And it involves the most amazing combination of flavors that has ever been invented: Bananas and Nutella.  Boom!

Thanks A Bunch Thank You Gift IdeaMy awesome photographer SIL, Chrissi came up with this hilarious play on words and I couldn’t wait to steal it use it and share it with you!   It says “Thanks a bunch!  I can NUTELLA how much I appreciate you!”  I also made tags that say WE instead of I, in case you want to give it from your family or an organization.

All you need to do is:

  1. Pick up some bananas and a jar of Nutella from the gocery store.
  2. Print & cut out the tags I’ve provided below (I used a 3″ circle punch that I have but you can hand cut as well).
  3. Tape the circle tag on the top of the jar (it fits both the 13oz and 26oz size jars).
  4. Tie on the To & From tag with some ribbon or twine (after you’ve written on it, of course) and you’re done!
Download TO & FROM Tags HERE.
Download "I" Tags HERE.
Download "WE" Tags HERE.

Bananas and Nutella Thank You Gift Idea--cute

This would be great for teachers, coworkers, friends, neighbors, mail carriers, bus drivers….anyone you’d like to thank for making your life better!  The list goes on and on.  :)

Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. Cindy says

    I love this idea and I used it for my girls teachers. I made little loaves of bread and gave it with the Nutella….. So creative! Thank you

  2. Kristen says

    Thank you! So adorable. We finished school today. Filing this one away for teacher appreciation next school year :)


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