Easter Craft Idea: Carrot Goodie Bags

If you’re looking for a fun little alternative to traditional plastic Easter eggs to give some goodies this year, you’ve come to the right place!  It’s the perfect quick and easy Easter craft to make you feel like you’ve added a handmade touch to the Easter baskets this year.  And it’ll take you all of 5 minutes to put together, which is just a bonus.

Carrot Goodie Bags--easy Easter craftFirst of all, I’m excited to be part of the design team for Whisker Graphics this year.  They have the cutest party and crafting supplies!  Goodie bags, Divine Twine, festive stickers, adorable tags and more.  I’ll be making a fun craft using their products each month for the next little while so be looking for them!

This month I made these Carrot Goodie Bags using their Little Bitty bags and solid green Divine Twine.  You’ll also need fake Easter grass, a small hole punch and scissors.

Carrot Goodie Bags supplies needed

To make, simply take your Little Bitty bag, open it and fold it the opposite way that it’s normally folded, creating a “sour cream packet” shape with the bag.  Trim off the extended part of the back of the bag so it’s all even along the top.  Punch 4 holes with a small hole punch.

Carrot Goodie Bags tutorialThen stuff in your Easter grass, leaving some to poke out the top, and add your candy/goodies/money/gift card/whatever!  Thread your green twine through the holes, tie in a bow and you’re done!

Carrot Goodie Bags by landeeluI think these mixed in with some Easter eggs is just what the Easter Bunny ordered. :)

Happy Easter Crafting!

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