Free Printable Calendar 2014

If you’re anything like me, the new year brings on an increased desire to get organized and start anew.  I also know that a lot of you use your phones and iPads to keep yourself on schedule but for me, I can’t quite convert to calendaring and planning 100% electronically.  There’s just something about writing something down on a calendar, drawing arrows and doodles on an actual calendar that helps me remember what is going on!  Plus a “big picture” at a glance image of my month is just what I need.  I can’t quite get that on my phone’s calendar.   So I created this free printable calendar for 2014 and I’m sharing it with you today in case you are just like me!    I plan on keeping this on a clipboard by my computer and keeping track of all of my blogging events, posts, ideas and due dates on it.   Maybe this will help me finally figure this whole blogging thing out?  :)

Free 12 Month Printable Calendar 2014

I created the months so they would be cute but not use a ton of your printer’s ink.  There’s also some white space to jot ideas and to-do lists.  There are a million things you could use it for… keeping a simple journal of things that happen each day, keeping a log of photos you’ve taken on what days, planning out your kids’ sports schedules…. the list of uses is endless!

12 Month Printable Calendar

12 Month Printable Calendar 2014

Do you want to get yourself a little more organized for 2014?   You can download the PDF file HERE.  Let’s do this!

Happy New Year!

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  1. Mariajo says

    Hi there! I’m Mariajo, first of all, I’m spanish so excuse me for any grammar mistakes.
    Secondly, I’d like to say that I LOVE your calendar, it’s so colourful and creative that I shared it on my blog here , I hope you don’t mind.
    I don’t have a whole lot of followers, but I wanted the few people who follows me to see it.
    Thank you for this freebie and for sharing it!

    Best wishes, Mariajo.
    My Blog :)

  2. Patti says

    This is fantastic. I just pinned it this morning and have it printed already. Thank you SO much!!! Love that you made it ink-friendly. That stuff is steep. LOL And the clip board idea is great. Just what I needed. Think I’ll bling up my clipboard. :-)
    Happy New Year! Be blessed.

  3. says

    I’m like you- if I can physically touch and scribble on a calendar it’s much more useful to me than any electronic version. Printing this out this morning to help me plan blog posts. Thanks so much, Landee.

  4. Gael Huynh says

    Thank you, Landee for the calendar. The big white space on each day works for me as I have 3 kiddos to keep track of…oh and a husband too! LOL =) Appreciate it lots!

  5. Trine says

    Hey! i love these prints for my calendar! so easy, but still so fun!
    i really like you’re blog, and you inspired me to start my own. I’m from norway, and i really love the things you do, and all your printables!

    Pleas wisit my blog!


  6. Shiby says

    Love the calendar. I’m a school teacher and this works great for pre-planning my lessons. Was wondering if you had a 2015 one available. I love your template and wanted to keep my lesson outlines consistent. Thank you again for this! It’s been a huge help!

  7. Betty819 says

    At the present time, I do not have a personal planner; have been searching on Pinterest to get ideas for printables, etc. Let’s face it, November is almost half way gone so my goal is to start the New Year out in 2015. This will give me time to get everything together now for the coming year of 2015. While I realize each person’s needs will not be the same..Why buy a planner that doesn’t meet your own personal needs? I don’t understand the Discbound versions so will probably go with Martha Stewart 3 ring notebook. Love your colored labels for months of the year . Have lots of sticker left from my scrapbooking days(or my try at it)that I can use in the planner. Hopefully I can use a lot of them to decorate my planner.


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