Easy Valentine’s Day Decorations: Wire Heart Picks

Easy and cute Valentine's Day decor

I told you I was developing an obsession with crafting with wire!  It started with my Valentine’s Day garland I put up on my mantel last week and it’s continuing on today with no plans to stop in the near future.  I wanted to “Valentine-up” my centerpiece box I had made around Christmas this last year.  I also wanted to come up with some easy Valentine’s Day decorations to do just that.  Nothing over the top, you know?  So I decided to try and make some cute little “picks” to add to the greenery I already had going on there.   I love the results!

cute and easy wire heart picks DIY

Here’s how you can make a bunch too!   All you need is some 12 or 16 gauge wire, wire cutters and pliers.

STEP ONE: Cut wire to length desired and bend top down (bend down enough to make your heart the size you want at the top of your pick).  Pinch folded wire together tightly with pliers.

Valentine's Day tutorial 3

STEP TWO:  Wrap short part of wire around round object (such as a pencil) to begin creating the shape of the heart.

Valentine's Day tutorial 2

STEP THREE:  Then bend the other part of the wire around round object to create other half of heart.

Valentine's Day tutorial 1

STEP FOUR:  Manipulate wire as much as desired to get the exact shape you want.  Done!

Valentine's Day tutorial

You can add these little cutie anywhere but I wanted to just stick them into my Ikea greenery I already had in my centerpiece and call it good!

Easy and cute Valentine's Day decor DIY

I also added a little vinyl lettering to the side of my centerpiece that says “Love.” to add to the Valentine’s Day feel.

cute wire heart picks DIY


DIY Wire Heart Picks

Without the “Love.” and the wire hearts this was my Christmas centerpiece so it was an easy transition… which is always nice, don’t you think?

Happy Valentine’s Day Crafting!

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