Spray Painted Halloween Wreath


Halloween Spray Painted Wreath Tutorial


Black matte spray paint and I are getting along splendidly this Halloween season.  It has become my favorite thing to make old things new and modern to celebrate this time of year!  This wreath is no exception.  This isn’t some earth-shattering new technique or anything today but hopefully it will inspire you to take a look in your basement or crawl space and see if there is anything in there you can give new life.  You will probably be surprised at what you can do!

For example, I had this old eucalyptus wreath.

Halloween Spray Painted Wreath before


I have had this wreath since, and I promise here, 1998.  Don’t ask me WHY I have kept it this long because it’s shabbiness is not done justice in the above photo.  It actually looks kind of pretty in that photo, but believe me, it wasn’t.  Not to mention how SICK & TIRED I was of even looking at it!  I know, that is the ultimate #firstworldproblems but really, it was starting to bug.  I think it had made it through moves to 5 different states all over the country but we were about to break up (i.e. it was going in the garbage).

Then I had an idea to see what it would look like if I spray painted it black for Halloween!  Since I was planning on tossing it anyway I figured it couldn’t hurt, right?  So I did… and now I’ve decided to not dump it quite yet and give it a second shot at making me happy. :)

Halloween Spray Painted Wreath with spiders

It took some patience and some “creative angling” to get good coverage with the spray paint but it wasn’t very hard and spray painting is always fun, in my opinion.  I then hot glued some glittery spiders I found at World Market, hung it up with a cute ribbon and I was done!

Halloween Spray Painted Wreath

Like I said, nothing crazy here but maybe you have something you are thinking about getting rid of that maybe just needs a good coat of spray paint this Halloween season?   Happy decorating!

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PS I may have just spent $100 on Halloween candy.  Two trunk-or-treats plus the actual night of Halloween festivities is killing me softly.  I may need to eat 20 fun-sized Kit Kats to console myself.  How much do you spend on candy for Halloween??

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