Teacher Gift Idea: Printable Target Gift Card Holder

The school year is coming to a close very quickly here (::insert me crying::).
I know we all want to show our children’s teachers how much we appreciate everything they have done throughout these past nine months!  NINE. MONTHS.  That is a loooong time, you guys.
Now, I have seen some ADORABLE ideas for teachers like beach bags full of summer fun supplies and giant popcorn buckets filled with movie-going goodies and whatnot.  But, when I see these things, all I can think about is how that poor teacher then has to carry all of that out to her car on the last day of school along with all the other junk stuff she received and I just can’t fathom it.  I HATE carrying loads of stuff to my car so my empathy kicks in and I can’t do that to these poor teachers.  Unscientific studies have shown that really, all teachers want is GIFT CARDS, GIFT CARDS, and more GIFT CARDS.  Why do we stray from this? Because we want to give them something cute and creative, that’s why.
So today I’m sharing a cute & creative project to give a Target gift card to your child’s wonderful teacher!  This can be easily thrown in her purse so she can be on her merry way.  ::sigh of relief::
S U P P L I E S  N E E D E D:
  • A printout of the card trimmed to a 4×6 size, preferably on cardstock.  Downloadable HERE (or HERE if that link doesn’t work)
  • A piece of black cardstock cut about 1/4 inch larger than card.
  • Corner rounder (optional)
  • Baker’s twine (or ribbon)
  • Adhesive
  • Scissors
  • Exacto-knife
  • Target Gift Card
I N S T R U C T I O N S:
1. After trimming card down to size, use exacto-knife (on cutting surface) to cut a slit for the gift card.  Follow the line along top edge of the white part of the target.  Only cut the slit wide enough for the card to fit through snugly.  Not too wide.
2. Round the corners of the printed card and black cardstock (optional).
3. Adhere the printed card to the black cardstock.  Note: Do not put adhesive where the gift card will be.
4. “Cute up” the card by wrapping it in baker’s twine or ribbon.
5. Slide gift card in and give to your child’s teacher!
I’m hoping this makes the end-of-the-year craziness just that much easier!
I’ll be sharing a couple more End of the Year Teacher Gift ideas in my upcoming posts so be sure to check back!


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  1. says

    I’m totally doing this! Such a cute idea, thanks Landee! :) My sister and I also printed out your 4th of July printable from last year and made some super early-bird decor with it, so double thanks!

  2. says

    Thanks so much for sharing your talent with us. Using this! You always have so many wonderful projects!! Have a great summer and thanks for making the presentation of my gift card way cooler than it would’ve been!

  3. Melinda says

    Hi! This is an AWESOME print! So creative!! As a classroom parent, I was wondering if it would be asking too make this print from the class, instead of from a single student. If possible that would be amazing and much appreciated! Thanks for doing what you do!

  4. Donna says

    Hi. I love this idea. Where is the download link so I can give it to my special needs son’s teacher?


    • says

      Hi Donna! You will find the link right under the picture of the supplies needed. It says “Downloadable HERE.” and the HERE is the link. Thanks and let me know if you have any other questions!

    • Corinne says

      I love this and want to do it for teachers this week but can’t seem to be able to print it either. Can you give us any tips to print it?

      • says

        I’ve added a link in the supply list to download the PDF directly from my site (rather than going to another site to download). I hope that helps! If not, email me and I will send it to you directly.

    • says

      I’ve added a link in the supply list to download the PDF directly from my site (rather than going to another site to download). I hope that helps! If not, email me and I will send it to you directly.

  5. Sheridan Sanders says

    Thank you! I was looking for ideas for a target gift card and this was perfect! It looks fantastic with very little work.

  6. Candace Laudadio says


    I LOVE this idea! I just made one for my son’s second grade teacher and it turned out so cute and was easy! Thank you for sharing your ideas! I was wondering if it’s possible to edit it for a Principal too? Is the file editable? I would like to do the same for our principal!!

    Thanks again!

  7. Becky says

    Such a cute idea! Is it editable for a “helper” instead of a “teacher”? My son has autism and I would like to do one for his helper along with his teachers. I printed them out for the teachers, but can’t seem to figure out how to change the “teacher” to “helper” …or even if I can! Thanks :-)

  8. says

    Thanks so much for sharing this. I printed one and gave it to my daughters kindergarten teacher for Christmas.it’s such a cute and creative way to give something practical I know she will actually use!

  9. Amy says

    Hi Landee,

    This is so cute and I am hoping to use it for my son’s class for teacher appreciation week. Is there any possible way that I could get access to edit the document or for you to edit it for me? I am trying to make it from the entire class, so it would need to state “us” instead of me in the top section and “we and our” instead of “I and my” at the bottom section. Thank you for sharing your creativity!!!

  10. Christie says

    Hi Landee,

    I LOVE your Target gift card printout. Is there any way I can purchase them directly through you, so that they are already printed out on card stock?




  1. […] If you’ve been to this blog before you can probably tell I’m a Target-junkie so of course I loved this cute gifting of a Target gift card. This is a great gift if you don’t know much about your child’s teacher or if you have a few teachers you are trying to get gifts for. Get the instructions and free printable over at Landeelu. […]

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