Teacher Gift Idea: Bucket List

Today I’m sharing another idea for showing your appreciation to your child’s teacher at the end of the year (you can see my other idea for a Target gift card HERE)!

I am a big fan of giving gift cards since they are small (easy for the teacher to get home) and useful (teachers LOVE gift cards!).  But my creative side cringes at the blah-ness of a regular ole’ gift card.  I’m sure many of you can relate here.

So here’s a cute little way to give a gift card using a small tin bucket I found in the dollar section at Target!

Everyone loves checking off things from their bucket list, right?  Side note: if your child has already gone skydiving I guess you need to find a red marker and check that one off as well.  :)

Here’s all you need to make this for your child’s teacher:

  • small bucket
  • Bucket List tag printed out and trimmed (K-6th grades available), download HERE.
  • black cardstock for matting the tag (optional)
  • corner rounder (optional)
  • hole punch
  • ribbons, twine, etc. for embellishment
  • filler for bucket (crinkle paper shreds, candy, etc)
Then you just need to put it all together as pictured and you’re all set!  

It’s easy, satisfies the creative side of gift-giving AND you give the teacher something he/she actually wants!  Win-win-win!
I’ll be sharing two more ideas this week so be sure to check back!


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  1. Anonymous says

    I love this! Thanks for being creative & then sharing your ideas with a free printable!!

    Misty M

  2. says

    LOVE this and went out and got everything for my daughters teacher and then realized known if them say preschool. Is there anyway you could add a tag for preschool????? I would greatly appreciate it.

  3. says

    I am a Kindergarten teacher and have several of those little buckets in my classroom holding pencils, expo markers, sharpies, lunch sticks…everything! Any teacher would LOVE this gift and would put that cutie little bucket to good use too! :)

  4. Amy says

    Hi Landee!

    i just love your creations and I just commented on your Target gift card printable. I sent you an email and am hoping to be able to use this printable and the Target printable for gifts from the entire class for teacher appreciation week next week. Is there any chance you could email me and editable format of this document as well or make the following changes and email them to me? I would need it to state “us and our” instead of “me and my.”

    Thank you again for blessing us with your creativity!!!

  5. Niccole says

    Anyway you could make one thats says 7th grade, and rock it with my favorite tutor, PLEASE?
    thanks, Niccole


  1. […] Teacher gift-giving is great—IF you can determine what special tokens to give to the professionals who shape the lives of your little nuggets. Giggle Magazine offers a few clever ideas that do not involve traditional baked goods. Think thank-you card sets, desk calendars, and a cutesy set of washable tote bags. If you opt for a more DIY approach, well, then, how about this super-duper bucket list? […]

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