Valentine’s Day Ideas of Yore

I was looking back through my Valentine’s Day posts from last year and I noticed I had done quite a few!  I think I was smitten by the Valentine’s Day spirit last year and couldn’t get enough!  So I thought I’d re-post those ideas for those of you who might not have been around then for a little more inspiration and Valentine’s Day ideas for this year.

Click on each photo to go to the original post.

(available in the 4 different colors shown above)
Heart Specimen Art: A Silhouette Tip
And a couple that weren’t for Valentine’s Day necessarily but might come in handy!  Why not transform a cheap breakfast tray from Ikea into something fun for your spouse this Valentine’s Day?  Bring him/her breakfast in bed on something personalized and watch them smile.  :)

And this printable I made for a wedding shower but I see no reason to not have it up during Valentine’s Day!   Available in a few different colors.

I’m working on some new projects for this year and can’t wait to share!


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  1. says

    The heart specimen link doesn’t work…love all your ideas, they are great…and am thinking of having my boys sign LOVE for the photo idea :) not sure where I will put them in our current home, but can figure something out :)

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