Thankful For You Printable

I am working on my Thanksgiving mantel (I know I’m running out of time here!) and I wanted it to be simple.  Basically I wanted to express to my family how grateful I am for them with very little “fluff.”  I’ll hopefully have my mantel done in the next couple of days but I thought I’d share the printable I created for it first since that part is done! 
I printed mine as a 16×20 but I also created it in a 5×7 and an 8×10.  You can download all sizes HERE.   It has a nice canvas-y background which I always love.


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  1. Lisa B says

    Landee! You NEVER let me down! Whenever i need a cute printable for my kitchen table you are my first and last stop! I LOVE this Thankful for You printable. Esp perfect bc I am hosting Thanksgiving for the first time in my 15 years of wedded bliss! YIKES! :) (sidenote- i have used your calendar all year long for my family’s meal calendar. I fill it out every month and it gets posted on fridge. Cute!)


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