SCENT-sational Neighbor Gifts Idea

As a creative blogger I am always on the look out for fun ideas to share.  Last Christmas, a friend of mine gave me one of the best neighbor gifts and I absolutely loved it!   It was such a neat alternative to the sometimes overwhelming amount of goodies and treats we usually receive (Dear Friends and Neighbors Who Might Be Reading This, Do NOT, I repeat, do NOT stop overwhelming me with goodies and treats.  Thank you.  Love, Landee).
The gift was all the ingredients I needed to create a simmering potpourri and fill my house with the smells of Christmas!  All I needed to do was add a pot with some water in it.  Like I said, I loved it and so I’m sharing it with you today!  It’s very inexpensive and who doesn’t love the smell of Christmas?  No one, that’s who.
Here is what you need {per package}:
1 orange
1/2 C. cranberries
1 T. whole cloves
3 cinnamon sticks
a smidge of grated nutmeg
There are so many cute ways you could package this up but I decided to just use a cellophane gift bag since the orange and cranberries are naturally so pretty.
I then created a tag with instructions which I am also sharing today!
Download file HERE.
It can be used for a good two weeks or so if you refrigerate between uses and always make sure there is plenty of water in your sauce pan.
Couldn’t be easier, right?  And it smells so so so good.
So package some of these up and check “Neighbor Gifts” off your ever-expanding Christmas To Do list!
Happy Holidays!
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    You are the best! I have been searching for something to do this year and you nailed it!!! I owe you! Ice cream on me in April! Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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    Thank you so much for sharing this and especially the tag download. I was originally going to do pretty much the same thing but in a cute jar with water in it that I saw on my friends blog. But with a grandson due any day I am out of time. This is perfect!!! It has taken some stress off of me and for that I thank you!

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