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Something FUN is happening starting today and going through this entire week!

This is a chance for you to see what TWENTY-FIVE of your favorite creative bloggers consider to be their very favorite everyday items… AND you have a chance to win them!  Our hope is that you discover some new products that might help you in your Christmas shopping this season!  Sometimes a little basket full of small & thoughtful items can be better than one big thing, right?  That’s what we thought. :)  Plus maybe you’ll discover some new favorite bloggers along the way!

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  • Ignore all my exclamation points… I’m just excited!  <--- see?

15. Six Sisters’ Stuff

Ready for WHY these things are my favorite?  Good, ‘cuz here you go…. :)

1. Suave Dry Shampoo: What a life time saver this stuff has been since I discovered it!  I am not one of those people who can jump out of bed, run a comb through my hair and run out the door.  I wake up and it looks like I combed my hair with butter.  And I wish I were kidding here, people.  But now, if my style semi-survived the night I can spray some of this on and let it work it’s magic (aka disguise the fact that I didn’t shower)!
2. Too Faced Eye Shadow Insurance:  I received a sample of this stuff a couple of years ago at a Sephora.  The cashier just dropped it in my bag so casually as if she weren’t changing my life at that very moment.  Yes… Life. Changing.  It used to be that I would put on my eye shadow in the morning and then by the end of the day it would be almost entirely gone… and what was left was all gathered in the creases.  Disgusting.  Now I apply the teensiest amount of this stuff before putting on my eye make up and it stays put ALL DAY.  It’s a wonderful thing.

3.  Wash Your Hands Decorative Board:  Now obviously this is a bit of self-promotion here but this is one of my favorite things I’ve ever designed for my Etsy shop.  It’s fun, trendy, functional and a little bit funny.  All good things for your powder room experience. :)

4. Orbit Gum:  My favorite gum.  I like the flavor (Wintermint).  I like the shape (short little fat pieces rather than long thin ones… I know it all gets chewed in about .05 seconds anyway but it matters for some reason).  I can buy it in bulk at Costco.  The flavor lasts a lot longer than most other gums I’ve tried.  I’m a fan!

5. Washi Tape:  What’s not to love about washi tape?  It’s a relatively new crafting product but that hasn’t stopped many a brilliant crafters from coming up with 1 million different ways to use it!  The only thing that baffles me is how are they just coming up with this stuff now??

6. US Weekly:  My little guilty pleasure.  Sometimes all I need is a little chocolate and a good celebrity gossip magazine and all the wrongs in the world are suddenly right.  I won’t send you the issue pictured here, it will be the most recent issue out on the news stands.  I don’t even want to TALK about what is going on with Jef and Emily because it sends me into a deep depression.  I really thought they would make it.  I really did.  Did you SEE his proposal?  I got chills watching it.  Dang, now I’m talking about it.  ::sigh::  Moving on before I cry…

7. SHARPIES!!!: What would I do without my beloved Sharpies??  These pens are indispensable as far as I’m concerned.  And the colors they are available in these days are amazing!  I’m so glad they finally got a clue and started to broaden their color choices from black and royal blue.  The winner will receive this awesome collection of 24 Sharpies called “80’s GLAM” with colors like “Leg Warmer Orange,” “Jellie Pink” and “Banana Clip Yellow.” Yes, it will be radical.

8.  Set of 8 Vinyl Canister Labels:  Again, this is a product from my Etsy shop but I am SOOO in love with them!  They are one of our top sellers.  I love organization and cute organization really puts me over the top.  This set is BLACK and includes labels for flour, sugar, brown sugar, powdered sugar, corn starch, oats and nuts.

9.  Flipz Milk Chocolate Covered Pretzels:  My favorite flavor combination is salty and sweet.  So yeah, I can’t go wrong with some chocolate covered pretzels.  And these are delicious and readily available everywhere!  Plus pretzels seem semi-healthy so I can pop a few of these babies without feeling like I need to go run 10 miles afterward (Full Disclosure: I’ve never run 10 miles at one time.  Ever.).  

10.  PLAID Extreme Glitter Acrylic Paint:  I love glitter.  But I don’t LOVE glitter, you know?  I think someone once called it the herpes of crafting because once you get it on you/in your house you can never really get rid of it all.  It’s such a pain to work with!  But this paint makes adding some glittery shimmer to anything so easy and mess free.  I love it!  I used it on my Pretty Pumpkins last fall and it gave them the sparkle that no other product coule have.  Love it!

11. Mod Podge:  I would be remiss if I didn’t include some of this insanely awesome stuff in my favorite things basket.  So many uses.  So easy to work with.  Such a staple in any crafter’s supplies.  So enjoy a bottle of this modern-day miracle on me!

12.  5×7 Picture Frame from Hobby Lobby:  I love having lots of photos around my home as well as creating printables to go with every season.  So, it stands to reason I have a lot of picture frames going on around here.  I picked up this one at Hobby Lobby (which I love because they are all 50% off a lot of the time!) for my Halloween printable this year and then went back and picked up another one for you!  I love that it’s ornate but all white.  One can never have enough white picture frames.

Entering couldn’t be easier!  Lots of ways to enter…. do one or all!  Just a few clicks and you’re done.  Good luck!

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  1. says

    Are you in my head? I wanted to pick my favorite thing from your basket and leave an excited comment about it, but they’re all my favorite things. 😛

  2. Anonymous says

    What a perfect basket! I love everything in it! Would be especially excited to win those canister labels and the wash your hands sign!

  3. says

    Love the Wash Your Hands decorative board! I have no decor in my bathroom right now, and it would be so nice to not have to nag my kiddos about that very thing. :)

  4. says

    I think my favorite thing in your basket is the Wash Your Hands sign (but the gum, washi tape, and Hobby Lobby frame are tied for second!)

  5. says

    I am in LOVE with this entire idea of all of you teaming together to do these giveaways. It’s so fun to see all the FAVORITES. :) Thank you for the anticipation and giveaway.

    I love the WASH YOUR HANDS board. <3

  6. says

    Love it all. I’m excited to have learned about the dry shampoo by Suave. I, like you, have greasy hair syndrome in the morning. I rarely leave the house without showering first.

  7. says

    Love your basket – so fun! And I am excited to try the Too faced eye cream – what a neat little item I had never heard of before. Thanks for the tip!

  8. says

    Oh my, I am such a Sharpie nut! One cannot have enough of these :) I love the wash your hands too, this is on the list of things to put in the kiddos bathroom. Thank you for the chance to win :)

  9. says

    I hate to say it but US weekly and tabloid magazines are my guilty pleasure too! Because apparently the lives of celebrities matter. But ask me anything about the latest celebrity marriage, baby or break-up and I know the answer!

  10. says

    The “wash your hands” sign is my fave. I mean, it has chevron stripes…what’s not to love? (Also, I sad too about Jef and Emily!! I thought those two crazy kids were going to make it! big sigh)

  11. says

    Oh, we could be two peas in a pod! I have never tried dry shampoo but I have a feeling it would be life changing, but I love US weekly for my gossip and chocolate covered pretzels… oh man. Thanks for hosting this giveaway!

  12. says

    Love the ‘Wash your hands’ sign. I always giggle when I see these for employees at public restrooms and now I could have one of my very own. Love mom LOL.

  13. Josanne M. says

    I love SHARPIES!! I’m serious, I may have an addiction..also, I love pretzels and chocolate, so chocolate covered pretzels are DIVINE!

  14. says

    There are so many things that I love in there, it is hard to pick a favorite, but if I HAVE too I would say the ‘Wash Your Hands’ board. The Sharpies and Flips are right up there too!

  15. says

    Love the Suave Dry Shampoo. I really need this too.
    Love the idea of glitter paint. I am making candle centerpieces for 40 for Thanksgiving. Yikes!

  16. says

    this giveaway is so much fun, I love seeing everyones favorite things! Win or not I’m enjoying myself and that’s really what counts isn’t it? For everyone to have a little joy in our lives. Sure do hope it was as much fun for all y’all to put together as it is for us to see.

  17. Janessa Pope says

    Oh my gosh! I LOVE sharpies with a passion! They are my favorite, although your whole basket is super cute! Hope I win!

  18. says

    You are a girl after my own heart, I love everything in your basket. Like a lot. But, if I had to pick one it would be the Too Faced Eye Shadow Insurance. Love.

  19. says

    I seriously love your basket, so dang cute! I can’t decide between the US Weekly, the Sharpies, the dry shampoo, the labels, oh heck, I like it all! :)

  20. Richelle says

    Okay I hate to admit it, but the US Weekly because I too thought they would make it and am very heartbroken….sigh. And for reasons unbeknownst to me I am blaming her. But for a more mature response the sharpies, because seeing sharpies in new colors (even if it’s a smidge of a shade different than one I already own) makes me happy.

  21. says

    I love your favorite things, but my favorite has got to be the celebrity smut. It’s my guilty pleasure also, and I completely agree with you about Jef and Emily. So awful! *tear* Thanks for the opportunity to win!!

  22. Lisa B says

    Oh my, how do I pick! Dry shampoo is amazing. Mod Podge is amazing! The sharpies are catching my eye though! And your sign. I can’t count how many times I say that a day!