Lil’ Monsters

Looking for a cute and easy craft to bring in some Halloween spirit?  Today I’m sharing a quick how-to on some fun little monsters!  You can line them up along your mantel, put them all in a bowl, fill a glass vase with them… whatever your little heart desires!

Here is what you’ll need:

  • styrofoam balls (various sizes is fun)
  • Fun Fur yarn (in whatever colors you’d like! I chose these colors because I knew I wanted them to go in my entry way)
  • Mod Podge
  • Google eyes
  • straight pins (just a few, not pictured)
Step One:  Apply some Mod Podge to both ends of your styrofoam ball.
Step Two:  Start wrapping your Fun Fur around your ball, making sure it is sticking to your Mod Podge.  

Step Three:  Continue wrapping until ball is covered.  Secure every once in a while with a straight pin. You might want to go back and fluff some of the fur up after you’ve covered your ball.

Step Four: Add google eyes any way you’d like to give your little monsters some personality!

I think they turned out so cute!
I think they’d also be adorable in black, white, orange, gray, etc.  Perfect for Halloween!

My 6 yo daughter walked in from school and goes “Ooooh!  I love your bowl full of creepers!”  It made me laugh.  I never get sick of the word “creeper.”


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  1. kylha says

    Thank you so much for posting this! My kids made and I each made one for ourselves, and we had so much fun that the kids decided to make lil’ monsters for their cousins too.


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