Pantry Makeover– Interlocking Circles Vinyl Design

While I was out visiting my awesome sister-in-law (and amazing business partner with Landee on Etsy) a couple of weeks ago, we had a sudden epiphany as we were getting cereal out one morning…. her pantry needed some help.  She has a beautiful home, every inch is thoughtfully decorated.  Her pantry, however, looked like this:
Functional?  Yes.  But sometimes “functional” ::yawn:: just doesn’t quite cut it.  We wanted to make this space (which is opened and looked at many, many times a day) just as beautiful and inviting as the rest of her home. 
A large part of this process was simply organizing and sorting.  Guess how much stuff was EXPIRED!!  
Hint:  This much stuff.
We then decided to add some pop to the backs of her shelves.  We used the same pattern of vinyl as I used on my mirror makeover… interlocking circles.  We cut it out in brown and wow!!  Love the end result!  We may have stood back and hugged while looking at it for a good solid 3 minutes when it was all finished.
 We’ve had many requests for instructions on how to hang our quatrefoil backsplash.  Since the same principles apply here we decided to make a little instructional video for your viewing pleasure.  It’s totally embarrassing but I did it for you.  ALL for you.  :) (view HERE if it’s not showing up in your feed)

This design is now available in our shop HERE!  
We also made some cute red labels for her canisters for some pops of color.
And since I’m sure you love before & afters as much as I do, here you go!
I can hardly believe that is even the same space but I promise you it is!  The only problem I can see going forward is that she is never going to want to close those doors again.  ::sigh::  This is her trial now.  :) 


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  1. says

    FABULOUS!! Went to your Etsy shop – so many fun things. I will send you photos and measurements of my space later today – I think the backsplash is what we have been needing…

  2. says

    I LOVED your video – you are a natural! Thanks for the tips – one day, Landee – I will get some vinyl up! You rock! And the pantry looks great, too.

  3. says

    that pantry was pretty scary to start out with but did it have a dead 8 month old pumpkin in it?? haha.

    shelly’s pantry now rocks. i’m jealous… when you coming to my house??

    p.s. way to go with the video!!

  4. says

    Fantastic Job! The camera loves you missie! Now, if only I had a pantry…I will live vicariously through you and your sister in law! Happy week my friend!


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