IKEA Hack Breakfast Tray Wedding Gift

Do you remember before you got married?  Do you remember what you thought marriage was like?  If you were anything like me you thought it would be non-stop feeding each other grapes,  playing board games naked (because you can!), and breakfast in bed.  For 50+ years.
Then you realize fairly quickly that you can actually feed yourself grapes better than he can, being naked is completely overrated and breakfast in bed means you’re cleaning up a big mess in the kitchen later.
But who am I to disillusion the newlyweds, right?  Which is why, for an upcoming wedding (and I’m doing a bridal shower for her on Saturday and can’t wait to show you what I’ve been crafting up for the decorations!) I decided to pretty up an Ikea breakfast-in-bed tray.  They can figure all of that other stuff out on their own.  :)
So I spied this fun breakfast tray at Ikea for $7.99 and knew it would be so fun to gussy up. 
I chose three coordinating scrapbook papers that I liked and what I thought they would like too.

And then I cut the paper to fit in the two cup holders and the trough at the top of the tray.  I didn’t have a 2.5 inch circle punch for the cup holders but guess what is exactly 2.5 inches!  Yes… my Route 44 Sonic cup.  My Route 44s help me with crafting a LOT but it’s usually indirectly.  I’m now adding “crafting supply” to my list of pros for Route 44s.  Yay!

Then I got out the ole Mod Podge and mod podged the paper in place!  That part is always so much fun.

Then, with my Silhouette and some yellow vinyl, I designed and cut out the “Good Morning, Sunshine!” decal and applied it to the tray.  I thought I’d make it a phrase that could be used for their kids as well.  And I put it down in the corner so that when there was a plate on  the tray it wouldn’t be entirely covered up.

It’s obviously not dishwasher safe but I think it will withstand an occasional wiping down.
While at Ikea I also picked up these plain white salt & pepper shakers for $2.99.
Using the same color vinyl, I applied some cute decals to them as well to make it all a coordinating set.
Isn’t it so bright and cheery?
So maybe feeding each other grapes and hanging around naked are overrated but I guess I wouldn’t mind being woken up to this every once in a while. :)  I just might make one of these for myself now! For $7.99 plus some paper and Mod Podge, why not?


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  1. says

    O-M-G this is took cute and so funny. YOu are so right… ways you think marriage will be before you get married are SO different after your married!


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