Washi Tape Cord Organization Idea

Power cords. Coaxial cords.  USB cords. Printer cords.  Charger cords.  
Cords, cords, cords!
Cords are one of those little things in life that drive me absolutely BONKERS.  I hate them.  My dream is that one day everything will be wireless.  Won’t that make decorating and prettifying our homes so much easier? 
Well, since my dream has not yet been realized, we still need to deal with these little buggers.  My problem right now is that I have a ton of devices which use the USB… my Silhouette, my large vinyl machine, and two external hard drives (thank goodness my printer is wireless!) to be exact.  I was sick and tired of pulling up the cord and then following it all the way to the device to see if it was the one I needed.  

Since organization is at its best when it’s aesthetically pleasing too (and I’m constantly looking for ways to work washi tape into my life), I decided to make some cute little washi tape flag labels for the ends of my cords.  Now there’s no investigation work needed when trying to plug something into my computer!  
I’ve now added at least 2 minutes of free time to my day.  Plus, look!  Cute little washi tape flags! :)


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