Mother’s Day

I just wanted to do a quick post to let you know that:
 a) I’m not dead.  I just have my cute niece here for 10 days while my SIL and her husband are off galavanting around Jerusalem!  Oh, and did I mention she is 2 and in a body cast?  She had hip displacia (her hips were not in their sockets when she was born).  So needless to say, projects are a little bit on the back burner right now. 
And b) We’ve added a couple of boards to the Etsy shop for Mother’s Day!  If you’re stumped on what to get Mom or your sweet MIL this year,  what about sentiments which are almost guaranteed to make her get all teary-eyed?  And at $18, I’m guessing it’s in the budget.  :)

P.S. Lots of different colors available.
P.S.S. Order by Sunday, May 6th to ensure delivery by Mother’s Day!


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  1. says

    thank you for not being de-ad. that would totally not be cool!! i can’t help but wonder what the people of jerusalem think of our good friend shelly. :)
    love your new motherly signs!! i’m off to pin. :)

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