Mirror Makeover

I finally had one of those ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! moments with my entry way mirror.  One never knows when one might snap but when one does, one better take advantage of one’s motivation.  Or so Confucius say.

If you’ve been around a while you might remember my entry way makeover which has caused me nothing but joy ever since.  I took it from totally geek to totally chic (name that movie!  It’s my favorite movie of all time, by the way).

Anyway, included in this entry way area is this mirror.  And up until Monday at about…oh… 5:30pm, this is what it looked like.

Some yucky rusty red.  Dinged up from being hit by the front door before I installed my handy doorstop.  Ugly.  And yet I’ve just accepted it for over a year.  Some things just can’t be explained.
But, as I mentioned, something just came over me on Monday and I was done looking at it.  I just took it off the wall and carried it out to the garage (well, more like lugged it out… it’s really heavy).
I lined the mirror with freezer paper, taped it down and just started spray painting.  It already looked so much better with just the primer on! 
I then decided on Rustoleum’s LAGOON spray paint.  I have that exact color of pillows on my entry way chair and living room couch.  Plus I already had some.  Bonus!
I let it dry overnight and then brought it inside.  The ding at the top was still very noticeable.  Plus there were a few more glaring flaws in the frame which were more apparent now that it had a new coat of paint.  
I’m all about camouflaging stuff so I started to think of ways I could distract the eye.
I finally decided to cut out some fun vinyl and do some experimenting.
And then began the task of applying it to the frame of my mirror.
I will say that due to the curve of my mirror, this was a teensy bit harder to do than I was expecting.   I had to slice the vinyl segments with an exacto knife in various places and then overlap it to get it to lay down flat around the curves.  If you have flat surface it would be muuuuch easier.   It was kind of like putting together a puzzle though, and I love puzzles so I also had fun figuring it out.  By the end I was an expert at manipulating the vinyl how I wanted it.
And here’s the after!  So much more personality, right?
As you can see from the reflection in the mirror, this goes along so much better with what the rest of the entry way is up to now.
Also, it takes a second but you can see where I came back around and the vinyl didn’t line up perfectly.  I don’t even know HOW I would have gotten it to line up even with the greatest of math skills.  It doesn’t bother me though.  Thank goodness I’m not a perfectionist.  :)  More importantly, the ding and other flaws have virtually disappeared!
And here it is after my 12 year old helped me hang it back up when he got home from school.
I’m thinking I now need a cute white bench with some fun pillows on it.  I’ll just add that to the to-do list!
p.s. I’m off to Snap!  I’ll be tweeting my thoughts on it all during the conference if you’d like to follow me.  I’m sure I’ll have some revolutionary deep thoughts (like Jack Handy) so don’t miss out! :)


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  1. says

    I am a math major… and I had to hunt for the overlap spot. Finally found it and I would never have noticed it without serious effort. Looks great. I just got a silhouette and I have a hard time with curves and such. U done good.

  2. says

    The mirror looks great! The color is perfect for that space and the vinyl is a great finishing touch. I totally don’t see where the pattern doesn’t line up so you hid it well! :-)

  3. says

    This is so cute! I’m currently painting a mirror, and maybe this will give me hope that I’ll one day get to a point where it’s finally finished!

  4. Fareeha says

    Hello Landee, I just stumbled upon your blog a few hours ago and I am hooked!!! I am new to vinyl, and I was wondering is there is a tutorial of some sort on vinyl cutting etc that you can suggest for me?
    Also in this project, did you cut the design on the vinyl yourself?

  5. says

    Do you have a tutorial on how to apply the vinyl or where to get it? I really love this idea. I have a very boring mirror that I’m looking to “jazz” up a little and this seems like the perfect idea.


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