Tip: Finishing What You Start

Guess what happened last week.

My daughter came down with STREP!!!  Yay!

No no, you misunderstand… I wasn’t happy she was sick.  Although, between you and me,  I don’t mind a day from time to time where she lays around on the couch in full lethargy mode.  No, it wasn’t the illness that made me happy.    It was the fact that I finally had the opportunity to try out one of my favorite ideas I’ve ever pinned!!

(no original source available… what does “uploaded by user” mean?  Because that was the “source” given for the photo I had repinned.  So many things to learn about Pinterest! If you know the original source please let me know so I can take this whole mini-rant out and just list it)

I loved the idea of writing on the bottle when she had taken her twice-daily doses of antibiotics.  I mean, ten days is a looooong time.  And after a few days they all start mixing together.  And, of course, after one day the kid is bouncing around like they’ve never even heard of strep so it’s though to keep up on the medicine sometimes.

So I was excited to try out this idea and it did NOT disappoint!  No more trying to remember when I took her in to the doctor, when she started the antibiotics, if she had taken it that morning or not, counting on my fingers to see when she could stop taking it….it was all right there on the bottle!  And making those “Xs” every day was very gratifying.
I also made a little line with the Sharpie where her dose was supposed to be.  I was sick of squinting and turning that little cup until I found the 7.5ml line.  
So… had you seen this already?  Do you already do this?  Do you think it’s as clever as I do?  
Viva la Pinterest!


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  1. says

    I 100% agree- this is the best thing I’ve ever pinned on pinterest. Last month, 2 of my kids were sick and on a different dose of 2 of the same medications. Writing every dose on their bottles is the only thing that saved me and kept it all straight.

  2. says

    Really great idea! We are fighting with strep since 4 weeks now. The first dosis of antibiotic was finished and we continued to infect each other. Meaning right now the whole family is taking penincilin. Ugh:-( but really great idea. Thank u for sharing

  3. says

    I feel so silly! Every time I saw this on Pinterest I thought they were marking where the level of the liquid should be for each dose and I kept thinking How in the world are they figuring that out!?! This makes so much more sense!

  4. says

    I’m just back from the pharmacy not an hour ago and this idea is just right. I usually write the end date on the calendar, then forget why I wrote “DAY TEN” on that date when it finally comes around! I’m headed straight for the medicine bottle right now to mark one dose done. Fantastic, thanks!

  5. says

    What a great idea! My youngest unfortunately has to take antibiotics quite often due to being asthmatic and having a weak chest, ergo getting lots of infections. This is so clever and one of those “Why didn’t I think of this?” moments! Thanks for sharing!

  6. says

    I love it! This is the very first thing I have EVER commented about! Ever! This is so brilliant, they should include this on the label for us, with little check boxes. My son is now grown and out of the house, but this is one of the worst part of when he was sick! I wonder if he ever did finish all of the meds. I love the once a day for five days option! Still hard to remember, but a whole lot easier than twice or three times a day for ten days! Brilliant!! Will be sending to all the moms I know and repinning!

  7. MarlaKay says

    Hi! I love, love, love (did I say LOVE) your blog, your ideas, your crafts!! Thank you for taking your time to post and describe all your brilliant ideas! One question…and maybe it is on here somewhere, but i’m not seeing it? Directions to making the subway signs? What type of board was used? Regular paint? That’s all..I can take it from there!! SO COOL! Oh..my email is mkfraelich@yahoo.com. Thank you!!

  8. says

    I’ve been doing the same thing, but I had not seen it online until now. I used to post it inside my pantry chalkboard, but thought I would keep better track crossing out the days on the bottle, easier to manage and see. Great idea indeed!

  9. says

    As a Paramedic, I LOVE THIS! There is nothing worse then getting called to a franctic mother’s house (well, there is, but we’ll pretend there isn’t) because she thinks she may have given 1 to many doses that day. The frantic mom makes the kid freak out, then the other kids freak out, then the dogs and cats freak out. While I stand there and try to calm everyone down and call poision control. Who typically says “calm everyone down and it’s ok). In conclusion to this long post, seriously awesome idea. And every mom should have poision control in her phone! :)

  10. says

    I should clairify, I don’t mind getting called to help. I just feel so bad for the kids because they are so scared because momma is flippin’ s**t.

  11. Jessica says

    this is an amazing idea! it’s really one of those “duh” moments when you say to yourself, wow, why haven’t I always done this!

    as an ER nurse I will be encouraging all my patients to do this, and I’ll be doing it myself next time my daughter gets sick!

  12. says

    Just found you on Pinterest! I’m to entries in and I love it!

    I had just pinned this same thing on pinterest a week or so ago and then lo and behold my youngest had a double ear infection, so I got to use the idea! I did miss one dose, but I am LOVING this concept! Pure genius!!!

  13. says

    I’m kind of concerned about writing on the bottle and medicine cup whether it would leech through. I’m a nurse, so I use medicine sheets for my grandkids meds. I just do one for 2 weeks and when the 2 weeks is up I either trash it, or if someone was sick hang on to it for the next appointment.

  14. Anonymous says

    Great idea! When we give our little guy Motrin or Tylenol we write the time, dose & medicine on the mirror (next to the medicine cabinet) with a dry erase pen to help communicate to one another

  15. Anonymous says

    As a family who has had 2 kids with 12 bouts of strep in the last year, I am so going to appreciate this tip!

  16. Anonymous says

    My 2 year old has strep so I made a chart like this on the back of a business card and taped it to the bottle. Then I set my cell phone alarm to go off once in the morning and once in the evening to remind me to give him his medicine. I could never remember on my own!

  17. Denise says

    HA! I’ve got no kids, but I’m THE most forgetful person on the planet with the MOST prescriptions in the WORLD!! I’m gonna do this for me!! I hate those pill holders, because you gotta remember to fill’em up in the first place! So, yes this ‘child’ thanks you mucho, mucho… I’ll slap some tape on the side of my bottles and work it on a 20 or so-day basis and repeat – making sure I put the date on when I start each one (those bottles are FAT and BIG). That’s easy! And hey, that’s gonna save on the cost of those pill doler-outers, plus you can’t write on those and dispose, eh?

  18. lostunicorn5 says

    I see that this brilliant idea was posted a very long time ago. Sadly still too recent for it to help me with liquids but I take lots of meds every day so t may come into use for pills next time I’m on antibiotics or cold pills… but that’s not why I’m posting.
    I found this (once again BRILLIANT ) tip today on Buzz feed which in itself is a good thing but it was in a post for genius hacks (true) for Lazy (not true) parents …as a now grandparent I am kinda offended that they consider a parent lazy just bc they want to be careful & give their kids the right dose of meds … then wandering around here I see you are a far cry from a lazy parent at all :-)
    So I wanted to let u know about the post and to let u know that at least 1 BF reader knows you aren’t a lazy parent but a good clever one. & I am aware it wasn’t your idea but sometimes the best thing a patent does is to recognize good ideas & use them & maybe make a change or two…like your line on the dose cup which can be used for everything from kids meds to adult liquid meds to mouthwash etc.
    Thanks for all your posted items. I’ll be back to look around again to see what I can use next time my grands visit


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