Valentine Photo Card Ideas

Is there anything worse than sitting down with your child and trying to get them to write their name on 20+ Valentines to hand out to the class?  Ugh.   I mean, there are WORSE things but that ranks right up there.

So, way back in 2009 when I first saw the idea (even before Pinterest!) to have your child hold their fist out to the camera, take a picture, add some text and then put a sucker through the photo as if the kid was holding it…. it was like an answer to a never uttered prayer.  See that amazing post HERE!  In 2010, I made and sent those out.  And LOVED them!  Teachers raved about them.  My kids didn’t have to write them.  I was so happy.  Plus no lame Spongebob or Dora Valentines needed to be purchased.  Triple bonus.  (I can’t find the photos of those finished products, but believe me, they were cute).

2011 came along.  I now know how to do this.  My little girl wanted the same thing.  I obliged.

My boys, however, were a little “over that.”  It is a little cheesy for a couple of big and tough 3rd and 5th grade boys, I guess.  So we came up with this.  Same concept, just a little more gruesome.  :)

And now, here in 2012, Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching.  We decided to go silly again.

Tanner wanted “Happy Valentine’s Day, suckah!!” but I was thinking name-calling didn’t mesh with the holiday of love very well.  So we compromised.
Brynn wasn’t a fan of how the sucker looked going through her mouth so we settled on this.
Still cute.  Still easy.  And we’re done. 
Have you done photo Valentine’s before?  I’m always looking for new ideas!  


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  1. Julianne says

    Such a cute idea!! What did you print the card out on? Photo paper? What program did you use to write on the photo? Thanks!

  2. Deanna says

    These never get old!!! So cute! We’re doing mustaches this year. “I mustache you to be my Valentine”. Remember the dumb no candy rule at our school? Yah. So fakey mustaches attached to photo cards it is!

  3. Anonymous says


    Somehow came across your blog, loved your card and posted your Valentine Card ideas on Pinterest. So far they’ve been a hit! Look forward to more:)

    Take care,


  4. says

    Thank you for the link Rebekah! There was no way I was going to be able to find that again after all of these years but yes, that is the EXACT post I saw! I put it in my post now. Thanks again!

    And thank you to everyone else’s nice comments! You guys know how to make a girl feel happy. :)

  5. says

    Haha! I love the one thru the head! We also did the first one you did in 2010. :) I’ll have to see if my boys like this one. And yes, we totally loved that they didn’t have to write their name “a million times”. :)

  6. Anonymous says

    As you mentioned, this is the holiday of love…would you mind sharing some love and post the tutorial for us diy rookies? Pretty please!!!!

  7. says

    Love this idea and just finished making them with/for my boys. I used a lollipop for one and a pencil for my son who doesn’t like candy. Especially love that the boys didn’t have to write their names on 20 cards. This was easy, fun and adorable. Thanks!!

  8. says

    Thank you for the wonderful Idea! I had seen one of these before but thanks for the up close example. I also tried your best cookie recipe yesterday and OH WOW! THEE best cookies ever. Thank you!

  9. says

    I love this idea and my daughter and I made valentines using your shot by Cupid idea and it turned out as cute as yours!! However, I was shocked when I was contacted by the school principal saying that my daughter’s (who is in the second grade) cards had been confiscated and deemed inappropriate for distribution. I was absolutely shocked that what started as such a cute idea obtained from you was construed in this way and my daughter was heartbroken!!

  10. florist says

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