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Quite often I get emails from you lovely readers wondering where/if you can purchase something I’ve made here on the ole blog.  Or where to get the supplies to do so.  Usually the answer is Hobby Lobby or Michael’s.  But sometimes it’s something I’ve designed using my Silhouette or with the help of my SIL, Shelly,  at

Most common requests are:

Canister Labels:

Vinyl quatrefoil backsplash:

Dream Big subway art (and others we made at Craft Night):

And, most recently, my Valentine’s Day board:

So, to make it easier for those who would like to purchase some of these items, we have decided to open a cute little Etsy shop!  

I’ve added a button up there in the top right-hand corner so you can find us easily.

Obviously, not everything I do on here can be replicated/mass produced/shipped easily but if it can I will most likely put it up in the shop in case any of you are interested!  It has already proven to be so much easier than all the emailing back and forth that I can’t believe we didn’t do it sooner!

Stop by and take a look around.  We don’t have a TON of things up yet but we will definitely be adding more as we go along.

We have some cute things up that would be fun for a Valentine’s Day gift too.   The Valentine’s board pictured above as well as this “Established board” to commemorate when you and your Valentine made it official.  ::audible sigh::

Look for our giveaway going up on eighteen25 in the next couple of days too!  


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