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Recent History: If you remember, I have these HUGE Ikea frames above my couch.  I didn’t have anything in them, but hung them up anyway… for, like, a few months.  ::ahem::  Then Christmas came along and the empty frames just wouldn’t do!  So I made these posters in Photoshop and got them printed 20×30 size at Costco.  (See full post & downloads HERE)

I LOVED them!  Such a fun way to spruce up the wall for the holidays.

But then, down came the Christmas decor and once again I found myself in a pickle.  What do I put in them NOW???   I had been thinking about doing some photos of my kids but I don’t know…. 20x30s of their giant faces?  That might be a bit much.  So I was thinking out loud to some friends about how I wanted to do something where the focus was on a flower (or something) and my kids would be out of focus in the background (or something).   Or… something. I didn’t really know what I wanted, to be honest with you.

Then, one of my brilliant friends said “Why not do it where they are signing I Love You with their hands …each doing a different word?”

Wha????  I couldn’t wait to try.

Here, my friends, is the end result:

(Sorry about the glare/reflections!  No matter what time of day I took these photos the result was the same.  I mean, I love the light in there but c’mon!)

 To say that I am in love with these would be an understatement.  I may have shed a single tear as I stepped back to look at them for the first time.

And yes, there are subtle Valentine’s Day undertones here, but really, couldn’t I have these up all the time?  Please say yes.

I love the huge impact these have on the room.  I love that the focus is on their hands so it’s not just their huge faces looming over the person laying on the couch (although don’t put it past me to take photos of just their eyes or something and put them up there in the future).  I love that my kids are now works of art!  I love that it’s a sweet message.  I love that Brynn could not make the Justin Beiber heart with her hands to save her life so we had to go to Plan B (which I think turned out better anyway!).   I love that it took about 10 minutes after church on Sunday to take these photos.  I love when I find a reason to love that I only have three kids (curse you infertility issues!!).  I love the “Colorized” Photoshop action I got from Pioneer Woman (get the PSE versions HERE) which resulted in the perfect muted colors I was looking for.  I love the $8.99 price for 20×30 enlargements at Costco.  I love digital photography.

Most of all, I loved the looks on their faces when they walked in from school on Monday and saw themselves larger than life on the family room wall.  Can’t beat that.

Now that I’m in a lovey mood I can’t wait to get cracking on some Valentine’s crafts! In the mean time, I hope this inspires you to think about using photos for even seasonal decor and holidays.  Why not, right?


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  1. says

    Wow – I love this!!! Such a great idea!
    Btw – I love visiting your blog! I noticed you are a “relatively” new blogger! I am too – just started this past fall. You’ve created some gorgeous things! Thanks for the inspiration that I’m not too late to the DIY Blog “game”!!
    Megan (

  2. says

    I adore them! How cute are they? I loved your Christmas prints too, but your kids are just too sweet. I just posted about a framed print of my daughter on Tuesday, and was planning on writing about Costco photos for a post soon. How great is Costco at photos? THANKS for sharing!


  3. Bobbi says

    I LOVE this! I only have two kids (actually adults now), so hopefully some day I’ll have grandchildren I can do this with. LOVE your ideas!

  4. Anonymous says

    These are awesome and oh, how I wish I had the space to hang pictures such as these over my couch!


  5. says

    Those 3 pictures are so cute why would you NOT leave them up all year! I am already plotting a way for my husband and our dog to do this! Such a fantastic idea

  6. says

    Cute! I STILL have the 20×30 Christmas ones hanging in my IKEA frames in my dining room.

    THey printed beautifully, btw, THANK YOU again for posting the larger size. I don’t have them matted and they look fabulous. Still, I do need to replace them for year round…

  7. ladylewis says

    I recently bought a new home and my entryway is bare. This gives me the idea to use round frames with family portraits !! Thanks for the inspiration

  8. Anonymous says

    These are beautiful photos of your children. I actually stumbled across the Christmas song prints on Pinterest. I have tried to download without any luck. If you get this comment, would you please email me the 20×30 and 16×20 of Joy to the World? Thanks ever so much!

  9. says

    SO dang cute!!! (I had frames from IKEA hanging above my couch for 2 YEARS with nothing in them. This Christmas, my kids, bless their little hearts, took photos and filled them themselves as a surprise for ME on Christmas morning. LOVE it – but too bad I didn’t see your idea first!!!)


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