Top Eleven of 2011

I am fairly new to the craft blogging world.  I remember coming across my first craft blog in the fall of last year and then surfing the web for hours, linking from one blog to the next.   I could not believe all of the amazing/talented/passionate people out there and their willingness to share their ideas and inspiration!   It finally gave me the motivation I needed to get some projects done around my home and I have been addicted to these daily doses of inspiration ever since.  
At the end of last year, bloggers were doing recaps of their favorite/most popular posts from throughout the year.  As a new reader I LOVED this.  I didn’t have the time to go back through all of their archives and look at everything so I was glad to have a little taste of what they had been up to before I came along.   So, considering 99% of you weren’t around when I started out here on LS, LD in March, I figured I’d do the same!  To be honest I’m just grateful to have 11 posts worthy of recapping. :)
First, the post that started it all, my Entry Way Remixx.
Then my sad and boring kitchen backsplash got a little makeover with some paint and vinyl! I’m still LOVING this, by the way, and it’s holding up great.
The Kitchen Gets Some Love

My most popular recipe post to date…. Truffle Roundup.   

This post started a bit of a thumbtack trend.  I’m still trying to think of things to cover in thumbtacks.

At some point I realized the other half of my kitchen needed a style boost as well.  I painted bold stripes and gave my two favorite tips on keeping the paint from bleeding under the tape.
Painting the Perfect Stripe

If you’ve been around for a while then you know I have this 5×7 frame on my kitchen table that I like to switch out for every holiday/season.  I.  Love.  Printables.  Easy to make and easy to share!  Here is one of my most popular ones so far… 

Since getting my Sihouette (just upgraded to the Cameo!), my crafting life hasn’t been the same.  Nothing is impossible now… including organizing my baking cupboard.

I turned a waste of space into something functional by applying some sheet metal and then proceeding to hot glue magnets on everything in sight.  This project has not disappointed.

With fall coming and an aqua/yellow/cream pallet to work with, what else could I do to these poor pumpkins? :)

This one has been the biggest shocker of them all… somehow it got picked up by Stumble Upon and has been viewed almost 150,000 times since I posted it mid-November.  Who has an in with Stumble Upon and how do I make that happen again? :)  These trees are dang cute though. And fun to make.

And finally, my ginormous printables I made to fill my blank Ikea frames.  I’ve been shocked by how much you all have liked them… such a nice Christmas surprise!

If you were around to see me risk my life to paint that entry way then I tip my hat to you (and thanks for sticking around!).  If you just got here, then I give you a big welcome hug (and hope you stick around even though I’m invading your personal space).    Here’s hoping I have at least 12 decent projects in 2012!


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  1. says

    Your projects are fantastic! I love your color choices and your style! I just posted my top 10 projects of 2011, but after seeing yours I want to go back and redo some of mine!

  2. says

    Just found your blog thru pinterest. Thanks for the printable’s. Found them a little late but so excited to use them for next year.
    And now going to bookmark your blog.

  3. says

    How did you narrow it down to 11. I would have just reposted the whole year! I’ve been around since the beginning and you aren’t getting rid of me anytime soon!

  4. Deanna says

    So very sad that my beloved punkin crumble didn’t make the list. It will DEF be a staple around my house for many years to come thanks to you and your wonderful blog!!!

  5. says

    Interestingly enough, I saw your first post about the entryway a while ago… probably when I was considering stenciling and then lost track of you.. then just by happenstance- I found you again! this time I am going to follow u so that I don’t lose track. Great projects!

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