My Favorite Christmas Decoration

There is something in my Christmas bins that I canNOT wait to get out each year.  It gets a prime spot in the family room where I can look at it as much as I want all through December.

It is this photo:

That is my now-almost-12-year-old son, Jack.
As you can see by the cheesy, super-imposed graphic courtesy of the mall people, the year was 2001.  Jack was almost 2 and I was enormously pregnant with our second son.  We were living in Albany, NY at the time and we set out to get the perfect photo of our beloved son with Santa Claus.  I was hoping for a picture to send out as our Christmas cards that year.
The second we sat him on Santa’s lap he began screaming and trying to get away.  Thank goodness for Santa’s death grip on the boy (enlarge the photo, if you can stomach it, and check out Santa’s hairy black arms… it’s awesome).
The “elf” who was helping turned to me and said, “So… what should we do?”
I was like, “Take the picture!  Quick before he stops!!!!”
I could not have asked for a better Christmas card photo that year.
It’s a good reminder for me each year that things don’t have to be “perfect” and go-as-planned for them to be wonderful.  
Here are just a few more detail shots of decor I have around the house.  You’ve seen my family room decor here and here.  This is what I’ve got going on in the living room and kitchen.  As you can see, I’m a fan of just filling up glass containers with ornaments and calling it good.  Glitter cardstock trees tutorial can be found here.
Merry Christmas to you all!!  

You’ve enriched my life this year more than I can ever express.  Thank you for all your comments, emails and support.   I hope you have a wonderful holiday with those you love the most!


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  1. says

    It’s so funny to see kid’s expressions with Santa. When they are tiny babies they don’t care but once they hit about 9 momths and older they will raise all kinds of heck sitting it that ol’ fella’s lap. LOL.

    I love your decorations! Did you make the little trees that red, turquoise, and lime green?


  2. Tara says

    Love that you figured out early that things don’t have to be perfect to be wonderful – love that picture! It took me 4 kids and about 5 of my 9 parenting years to figure out that some of the best memories/events are unplanned and chaotic – thanks for keeping it real! I’m a huge fan of your blog – you always make me smile – Merry Christmas!

  3. Anonymous says

    Just came across your blog by accident and find it exhilerating. You are very talented and should have a show on HG TV. I am bookmarking you!! HAPPY NEW YEAR

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