Go Big or Go Home Christmas Art

Today’s post idea was a total experiment.
Somethings happen out of necessity and necessity only.
This is one of those things.
I had bought these HUGE frames at Ikea a while ago.  A looong while ago actually, considering they were still empty as of a few days ago.   I had hung them up above our couch in the family room with big plans of finding/taking some adorable photos of my kids to put in them.
And there they sat.  You know how it goes.
I was fine with them until I started decking the halls like a banshee.  Then suddenly the RIBBA RIBBA RIBBA going across there wasn’t doing it for me any more (sorry about the crookedness of those frames… my boys play football there–the couch is the touchdown– and, needless to say, those get rattled a lot.  Maybe I don’t even notice it anymore?  That’s sad).
Since I hadn’t had a chance to take any photos of my kids I decided to try something.  I created some subway art-ish images in Photoshop using Christmas song lyrics and had them printed 20×30 at Costco ($8.99 each!  Can you believe how cheap enlargements are these days?  Mind boggling).  
I’m not in love with the middle one but they are sure better than RIBBA, right?
Those songs are in my head a lot now, as you can imagine.
If you’d like these images I created them in all sizes… 5×7, 8×10, 16×20 and 20×30 and you can download them in this Box.net collaborative folder HERE.
Enjoy and Happy Holidays!


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  1. says

    I am way excited about these! What a fab idea. And because I got overly excited to see what you did, I scrolled down before reading and thought you framed some awesome, wordy wrapping paper. I looooove that you made the subway art and enlarged it! This is totally my kind of project!

  2. says

    Landee, Photoshop is not really my friend. I try and try and try… and fail. Can you offer up a tip?! If I create something in PS similar, what do I set the pixels, size, something (when you go to create the new thing) at so that it can print to a 20×30 at Costco. I always get that dreaded resolution warning. Any help would be much appreciated.

  3. says

    @Jaime- When you use photoshop,before you put any images in it, click on IMAGE and scroll down to canvas size. Change the sides from pixels to inches and set it to any size you want. If you are bringing the image on a flash drive, you can go ahead and make it 20×30, then just zoom out so you can see. If you are printing, I’d suggest 7×10, then save as a high quality image, costco can worry about enlarging it.

  4. says

    @Mommy Malsack – thank you so much! And Landee, thanks for your email!! I think I am about to have too much fun!! 😉

    I seriously love visiting “Landee Land” !!

  5. Pat says

    LOVE these, I truly do. Any chance of posting the large 20 x 30 size for download. Love your blog. Will visit often now that my sister sent me your link. Would REALLY appreciate the larger download.

  6. says

    You guys are all so nice!! And, your wish is my command…. :) I edited my post to include a link to download the larger sizes. 16×20 ad 20×30. Thanks for all the nice comments!

  7. Jen says

    What feature in PhotoShop did you use to make these awesome posters? I’m a PhotoShop newbie and would love to be able to make similar posters with different lyrics!

  8. says

    I love these. I agree that the middle one stands out differently than the other two. Not a bad thing, just different. Maybe it’s the white on white that bothers your eye?
    Another project that makes me wish I had Photoshop. And I’m laughing too because I have a few frames myself that are sitting around waiting for pictures of my boys.

  9. says

    Landee, Solution to your “crooked” picture problem—“Quake Hold”. Found at hardware stores usually near the picture hanging stuff but you may have to ask. It’s a putty like substance that really works. I put a small little ball of it on the bottom corners of all my artwork and it stays in place. Example–I used to have a small shelf in the living room with an heirloom china plate on it. Shelf fell down–plate was still stuck to the wall. Awesome.

  10. says

    Sending people your way! These are so cute, Landee. I was able to take your PS tutorial and create some similar! Thanks for always being so inspiring! So fun!

  11. says

    Greetings from the Amish community of Lebanon Pennsylvania. I’m just stopping at Radom blogs and checking them out, and wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas and New years. Richard from Amish Stories.

  12. says

    Yes, something is going on with the download. Sorry!! If you get the error message, go ahead and send me an email (or leave a comment here with your email addy) saying which ones you want and what size and I’d be happy to email them to you!

  13. says

    just found your blog today and I love your christmas subway art….I can not wait to print it tomorrow and put it in my kitchen…thank you

    Fruity Lemonade

  14. Anonymous says

    I love your blog! I am going to download ALL sizes. Thank you for sharing!! Can’t wait until Christmas!!

    YM N.

  15. Anonymous says

    I love these and it solves a big problem for me. I have one of these frames on my mantle all year long with a print that is not good for Christmas. Now I can put one of these in it. YEAH!! Would LOVE to have one done with other Christmas songs like Jingle Bells or Santa Claus is Coming to Town. Thanks for posting these.

  16. Anonymous says

    These are perfect and i would like to use them but i need them to fit in different sized frames do you have any long narrow versions say 28×7. Long and skinny?? Anyway to make them that way? Thanks

  17. Anonymous says

    Another good idea (kinda similar) is to use wrapping paper of your choice and frame that also, you can customize it to get the perfect look for you :)

  18. Anonymous says

    These are amazing.. and I just tried to dl all 3 of them in 16×20 but received an error… is it at all possible to get them emailed to me or tell me if I can find them somewhere else?

    Thank You

  19. Anonymous says

    Hi Landee… love your blog, just signed up! I cannot download the Christmas posters. I was wanting all 3 in the 16X20 & 20X30 sizes to start making some xmas gifts with them. Would you kindly email them to me. I would appreciate it so much. bajohnston@rocketmail.com

  20. Karin says

    Thanks so much for sharing. Here in the Netherlands Christmas is not as big a thing as in America. So these nice decorations are hard to find here. I wish I was in The States during xmas time… 😉

  21. says

    Thanks so much for posting and sharing!I can’t wait to make some for my home! With daughter & grand babies moving in decorating is going to be difficult but pictures on a wall should be safe. lol! Thanks!

  22. says

    Landee, I am so computer inept. I would love to make signs, printables myself. How do I learn? I’ve tried finding tutorials on the web but nothing is helping. I’m one of those, that I actually need someone holding my hand guiding me through it. lol. Anyways, any help that you could give, would be appreciated.
    Thank you.

  23. says

    Sad… the files are no longer in the folder. The only file there is the Baby It’s Cold Outside with a snowflake. How can I get your prints? Thank you- you are truly talented!

  24. says

    Hello!!! I too am having trouble downloading your prints as it says you are out of bandwidth. I was hoping to download 16×20’s of all three of your prints; Holy Night, Joy and Hark. I finally found the perfect frames and I can’t wait to print out your designs…would it be possible to have them sent via e-mail???? THANK YOU so much for your creative inspiration!! Happy Holidays, Shelley fitset@hotmail.com or sbuyagawan@gmail.com

  25. says

    Hello again…I left a comment yesterday about LOVING your prints and hoping there was a chance they could be e-mailed out. I noticed when getting the pop up message about not being able to print out the images, that it says that you need to update your account with more credits. I am assuming there is a fee with that on your end. I would be happy to send a little $ to you to help with that cost, as I REALLY REALLY REALLY would love to print out these designs. My frames are ready to go!! And by looking at the rest of the posts after me, there are quite a few people who would love to print your designs out as well! Please let me know @ fitset@hotmail.com or sbuyagawan@gmail.com. Thanks so much!!!! Shelley

  26. Anonymous says

    I know you are probably tired of these posts, but I have to try. I can’t get them to download. I LOVE your prints and am not savy enough to create my own. Can you email the “O Holy Night” and the “Joy to the World”? 20 X 30 for both to taramartin11@hotmail.com

    Thank you so much, but understand if you are overwhelmed and don’t want to.

  27. says

    I love these… even went and bought frames for them today, but I can’t download them! Can you please send me all 3 in 8×10’s…parkthomas03@yahoo.com.

  28. says

    Hi, if you are still willing to email out the copies since the link says you are out of bandwidth. Your prints are beautiful. I would love all of them (not sure what size I will print of my entryway) My email is duree26@yahoo.com
    Wishing you and your family a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
    Thank you,

  29. Anonymous says

    I haveegstered with Box.com but cannot dowload the 8 x10 images for the Christmas aArt. Get this message:
    The user hosting this
    content is out of bandwidth.
    If this is your file please upgrade to add more bandwidth credits to your account. Call Sales at 1-877-729-4269 for more information.

    Can you help me at kcwallace01@gmail.com?

  30. katie E says

    I was able to download without registering and just ordered through Walgreens. With the $15 off code, the total for two 16 x 20 prints came to $15. What a great deal. I can pick up in one hour! I can hardly wait to get these up on the wall and add some holiday cheer to our house. Thanks a million for sharing!

  31. says

    These are awesome! Printed these in 8×10 for our dining room and they look great. Would love to do them as you did for our family room. Maybe next year :) Found you via Pinterest and am now a follower on FB.

  32. says

    Found your picture on pinterest and within 5 mins I’ve downloaded and uploaded the photos to costco. Will run to Ikea right now and the project will be done within the day. I’M SO EXCITED. Thank you so much for sharing!

  33. says

    Thankyou so much for sharing!!! We felt like we were missing something by way of decoration this year, so when I saw these I downloaded them right away, printed them and bought some cute white frames to put them in. They’re gorgeous, and I never could have done the design work myself. Thankyou!

  34. says

    I printed these for decorating my familyroom this Christmas. They turned out perfect. Everyone loved them and wanted to know where I bought them! I was so proud to say I made them! I like your site very much. Just a suggestion I would love more prints to put in the frames, say spring, Thanksgiving.

  35. Anonymous says

    I wanted to print these around the holidays and never had the time…now I’m ready but there doesn’t appear to be anything to download:(

    If you can email any size of all 3 I would be so thrilled.


  36. Tiffany says

    Is it just me or are some of the letters in these a little more cut off in the smaller size downloads? I was looking at the 8×10 option and more seems to be cut off around the boarders. Just let me know. Thank you. These are just wonderful.

  37. says

    I printed these last year in the 20X30 at Costco then slacked and didn’t buy my frames. I went to buy frames at Ikea and I am not seeing them. :( Did you buy them online or in the store?

  38. Michele says

    I know you said you printed them at 20×30 but I was wondering if you could tell me what size the actual frame is…. thanks!

  39. Lori says

    I have tried do many times to get prints from the box these are stored in. I can not send or upload to get prints made. My computer is not working so I have been trying to do this with my iPad. I give up but really want these prints this year. Can anyone help me by sending JPEG not in the box so I can upload to a store? I would love 20×30 of Joy and Holy. Thanks and happy holidays.

  40. Kristi says

    Thank you SO much for sharing these! I printed them at Costco today and they turned out so great!! I love my new artwork! :) Thank you and Merry Christmas!!!


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