Festival of Trees: Folded Paper Trees

Today’s installment of “Landee’s Festival of Trees” comes directly from Martha Stewart’s latest publication Handmade Holiday Crafts.  I LOVE this book.  Love it.  These trees were so dang cute I just had to give them a try!!

Supplies needed: cardstock of choice, bamboo skewers, wood candlestick holders (shown below), wooden finials (shown below), hot glue.

First, cut your cardstock into circles.  My largest circle was 6″.  I then did two 5″, a 4″ and a 3″ circle for the larger tree.  For the smaller ones I just did a 5″, 4″ and a 3″.

Next, fold your cardstock circle in half and crease well.  Repeat this evenly around the circle 8 times until you have 16 folds.

Fold circle “accordion style” and barely snip off the tip.

Repeat until all your circles have been folded and cut.

Put a dot of glue where you want your bottom layer of your tree to be and then thread on your largest circle.  Continue with all layers of your tree.

I found these cute wooden candlestick holders at Hobby Lobby for around $3 for all six!  And the cute tiny finials below for $1.47 for nine.  I then painted them off white.  

Trim the bamboo skewers as needed to the height you want.  I also needed to trim the sharp point off to get my finials to stay on the top.   Fill the candlestick with quite a bit of hot glue and then set the bottom of your tree in it and hold until the glue sets up.  Hot glue the finials to the top and you’re done!

I love these little trees!

Wouldn’t they be cute all lined up along a mantle or ledge?

These are obviously a little more involved than just wrapping some fabric around a styrofoam cone but I think they are well worth the effort!

This is part of a series of posts dedicated to easy “tree themed” crafts for Christmas (and Thanksgiving!).  You can see the other posts here: Thumbtack Trees and Glitter Cardstock Trees, Thankful Tree,  and Fabric Wrapped Trees. If you have a “crafty tree” post you’ve done either this season or last, email me!  I’d love to feature it as part of this series {landeeseelandeedo@gmail.com}


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  1. says

    You are *killing* me with all of these trees. I want to do them all, but you obviously have way more patience than I. Proof in fact, the thumb tack trees? I have one small one completed and then abt 50 tacks in the medium sized one and probably less in the large. /sigh.

    I love these folder paper trees! Super cute. And the colors of the paper you choose is adorable.

  2. says

    Shut up! I was just going through my stash last night of ideas – trying to come up with my homemade ornaments for this year – and I have something almost identical ripped from a magazine. I was just thinking about digging through my paper stash to see if I could make them without going to the store. Then whatever do I spy over here on ye olde blog? A TUTORIAL! Awesome. Love the toppers and bases you used too.

  3. says

    Hi Landee,

    I LOVE these cuties! :)

    A question: what tool do you use to cut these perfect circles? Or did you cut them by hand?

    Thank you!

    Ps.: Also L-O-V-E-D the painting you did at your house entrance! :)

  4. says

    My daughter just made trees just like these without the wood! Such a cute addition to put the wood pieces, perfect touch! Thanks for sharing! Julie (the letter 4.com’s mom)

  5. says

    ohgoodgolly, fabulous idea! Great project to do with the kids!
    Thanks for sharing. I found you through TCB and am off to explore the rest of your site. Have a cheery day!

  6. says

    Love these, so pretty! I have to go back and see all of your other trees now. I’d love for you to share these at etcetorize.blogspot.com. The linky party is open now~

  7. says

    Hi Landee, I just saw your trees at Tip Junkie. They’re adorable ans so simply cute. Thanks for sharing them. I’m your newest follower and email subscriber.

    Hugs…Tracy @ Cotton Pickin Cute

    P.S. I’m having several giveaways. I hope you’ll stop by and enter.

  8. says

    These are wonderful and seem so simple…thx for sharing…going to have to try this one…happy decorating, Mariaelena…going back to follow along and look around some more…:)

  9. says

    That is so cute, and majorly simple! I’m glad I happened upon it…I use stumble and I find so many awesome blog sites, I have to start documenting all of them in a spreadsheet just to keep up. Great post, thanks for the tutorial and the pics to go with!

  10. Avis P says

    I love these. I think they’d be really cute if you cut the circles of paper with pinking shears, or some other shears with an interesting edge. Also, I might buy some floral foam to put inside the candle cups, which would make the glue set up a lot faster & easier! Great IDEA!!


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