Scraps of Simplicity

If you are in the Ogden area (or can get there in a car without too much of an issue), you might want to check out the Scraps of Simplicity boutique happening this weekend.   There will be 30+ vendors including yours truly!  My SIL and I have made some fun things for our booth.  Things like….

As well as some non-holiday boards like
We also made lots of different fabric balls (fall, Halloween, Christmas, etc)
as well as sets of the “as seen on Landee see, Landee Do” canister labels!
We will be hanging out there the whole day so if you come by make sure and say hi!!
Also, if you don’t live in the Ogden area, or can’t reach it by car on Saturday (ha!), you can always just order anything from us.  We have a post office and stuff.  :)


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  1. says

    Okay quick story… I grew up in Layton/Kaysville. I LOVE Scraps of Simplicity!!! Seriously LOVE it!

    Then this last summer I moved to Hawaii [not quiet a car ride] BUT I happen to be coming to utah TOMORROW for 2 weeks so can I just tell you how excited I am that my trip happens to line up with the Scraps of Simplicity!!!

    Excited! :)I will say hi if I see you!

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