96 Pumpkins

Have I told you that I am the “hospitality” person for my kids’ school’s PTO?  This basically means that I am here to give the teachers a warm fuzzy feeling from all the parents on all the major holidays (plus something daily during Teacher Appreciation week ::sigh::).  There are 96 people (teachers plus staff) that  I need to give something to during these times.  Ninety. Six.   
Here is what I came up with for Halloween this year…..

I got a hold of Martha Stewart’s new Handmade Holiday Crafts book and these were in there… so cute!!   I asked a couple of friends to come over (I call them my “committee” but they don’t really know that I consider them my permanent helpers.  Don’t tell them or they will stop taking my calls) and we hammered these out in a couple of hours.   They are just a double layer of 10 inch circles cut from tissue paper (Martha uses crepe paper but that’s not readily available in big sheets and I didn’t want to have to order anything.  Tissue paper worked great).  Fill the circle with goodies, wrap up and secure the top with tape.  We used masking tape and then went over it with floral tape for the stem since floral tape is my new nemesis and doesn’t stick very well.  I then created some little 2″ tags in Photoshop, printed and tied them on.    I can’t wait to see these all lined up in the teachers’ boxes!

We also made our Mummy Juicebox Army I talked about for the upcoming class party.  Instructions can be found HERE.  We used white duct tape that we ripped in half lengthwise instead of white electrical tape.  I LOVED making these, by the way.  So easy and you can’t mess them up.  I squealed at each one’s cuteness upon completion.

I also finished making these Rice Krispie Ghost Pops for the party as well…

Super easy using the pre-made Rice Krispie treats.  I just squished the tops of them a little to round them out.   Instructions found HERE.

I adore checking things off my to-do list.

PS If I ever come to you and ask “Why is my son so screwed up?  Why does he hate me?  Why is “mom’s blog” a dirty word to him?”   Please point me back to this…..

… poor thing.

In my defense, I wasn’t “feelin'” the green shirt for my Halloween treats… I have no explanation on the face thing though.


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  1. says

    OMG!! I totally did that the other day (last photos, I mean)!!! Our kids are such little angels to put up with mom’s design ideas!! ;D

  2. says

    You are such an awesome mom! All of your projects turned out great, and I’m sure that both the teachers and students will appreciate everything.

  3. Julie says

    Wow! 96 pumpkins! Trust me the teachers will be so happy to see some pumpkin fun in their boxes. Why weren’t you at my school when I was teaching?

  4. mandie says

    Love the ideas! YOU ROCK!! AGAIN_ I need your stuff for the holiday party and teachers, sooner rather than later :)

  5. says

    Your whole post was great but the last party was HILARIOUS! Is the orange thing/background taped to his head? So freaking funny…hey, but your photography shot turned out fabulous. I saw your post over at “Weekend Wrap Up Party”.

  6. Samantha @ Little Painted Canvas says

    How precious! I tried to make the rice crispy ghosts last Thursday for my son’s class, but for some reason they did not want to work for me! Once they hit the hot candy they immediately started falling off of the sticks and falling apart! I finally ended up forming them into the shape of a ghost and then just doing a layer of the white candy on the tops of them. They still turned out cute, but I would have rather them looked like yours! How did you do it!

  7. says

    Those are all such great ideas. You have really been busy this past week. You seemed so relaxed during fall break. We had no idea you had to go home and work so hard. Great Job!

  8. says

    I just found your blog from Tatertots and Jello….and I just laughed SOOOOOOOOO hard at this post. Oh my goodness….that poor boy. But thank you for the great laugh today!
    P.S. Love your blog!

  9. Amy Huntley says

    Aww! Your rice krispie ghosts turned out great! Hope you can get a chance to relax after all that hard work! Put on some yoga pants and kick back for a bit! :) xo

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