Vinyl Label Intervention Needed

I think it’s time for you all to bring in the folding chairs and Jeff Vanvandervanson* from Intervention and start writing your letters on how our relationship is going to change if I don’t stop this behavior.  
Hi.  I’m Landee.  And I’m addicted to vinyl labels.

But how can you blame me when my boys’ closet looked like THIS??
Heck, even I didn’t know where anything was supposed to go.
Thank goodness for Ikea.  One recently opened just a few miles from my house here in Denver and it was absolutely in the Top 10 Best Days of My Life.  No, I didn’t GO opening day (are you crazy?), but I could just sense something good was in the air that day. 
I have since gone and perused the merchandise and partaken of the meatballs in their cafeteria.  I will never be the same.
Ok, enough.  Let’s get back to the issue at hand which is my addiction to vinyl labels (see here and here for my recent past offenses).
I went ahead and got four sets of Ikea’s TROFAST storage unit thingys (only $39 each!).  
I then proceeded to spend an entire afternoon putting them together.  
I then spent an evening cutting many, many labels with my Silhouette.  
I then spent a morning applying the labels to the bins of the TROFAST system.   
I’ve since spent a week unable to walk into my children’s rooms without smiling.
You saw the before up there?  Here’s the after:
Yes, there is an entire bin dedicated to Nintendo DS stuff.  And one for the Gamecube. And one for the Wii.  This has been a looooong time comin’.

I mean, right?  Even Zeus the Guinea Pig now has his own bin where all his supplies can go!  
And, I didn’t snap a picture of my daughter’s little kitchen area in her room before I got started, but imagine more of those cheap plastic drawers jam packed with crap and with more crap on top of them.
And now…
I’m feeling like I’ve now set my kids up to succeed.  They can keep themselves organized so much easier now.  And these TROFAST bins are awesome because they come all the way out and can be carried around to clean up/play.
So yes, I’m addicted to vinyl labels.  You can send me off to rehab if you want but I guarantee I will relapse.   As for now, I feel like as long as I don’t have labels on the microwave saying “microwave” or on a lamp that says “lamp” I’m probably ok.  


*That’s not Jeff’s real last name but I can never remember what it is and that is dang close.  There are a lot of Vs, that’s all I know.
**If you’re interested in purchasing some of these labels from me they are $1.50 each (8 for $10).  Totally customizable.  Just drop me an email!
*** Ikea did not sponsor this post but I reeeeally wish they would have.
**** Live in the Denver area too?  Come to a fun craft night!
***** Hi.

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  1. says

    I think it looks so great and if I had something to make vinyl letters I would be labeling everything too. I have to keep you in mind with those labels. I’m hoping to work on organizing my pantry and buying clear containers for flour,sugar and such. Going to have to put this post in the fav catagory on my computer! Thanks so much for sharing.


  2. says

    We put that system in my son’s closet about three years ago. I love it, although I do not have each bin labeled. Clearly I need to steal that idea.
    Do either of their closets have bi-fold doors on them? If so, have I got a genius thing to share with you!!!!

  3. Samantha says

    I am available next weekend for you to come do my boys’ room. Say… 12ish?

    Thank you!

    But really, I am super jealous. My boys are in desperate need of something like this!

  4. says

    I need this like the desert needs the rain! And Ikea does not take online orders??? But… whycome? It’s the year 2011! I guess the only label I’ll be needing is one that says “I HATE You, Ikea!”

  5. says

    I may never leave after craft night as I’ll be in awe of all of those beautiful labels! You could teach a class on organizing children’s rooms (and I’d be the first to sign up as the room my boys share is ridiculously messy- I don’t even like to go in there!!!). Great job, I’m super impressed! :)

  6. says

    Those are awesome! I haven’t braved the trek to Ikea in Denver yet… heard too many horror stories so we’ve been waiting… I will say it again – you need to host another Craft Night next month since I’ll be out of town for this one. My crafty-girl-partner and I would love to join you. :) ~Jen

  7. says

    I just found your blog and you are truly TOO cute!!! I too am addicted to my Silhouette as well as my Ikea, and I love what you did with the combination thereof. Great job!

  8. Anonymous says

    OMG- love the idea of a spot for the guinea pig gear! Our boys, Paddington and Wilbur, have a lot of stuff. Thanks for the tip!!

  9. chiaki says

    I love pink bins with white labels combination! so I checked your Etsy store, but I couldn’t find them…
    are those still available?


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