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This post was originally published over at I Heart Naptime about a month ago.  I’ll be back there on Wednesday with a fun Halloween project!

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Today I’d like to talk about some ugly things.  They are things we all have in our homes and we allow them to reside there, no questions asked.    And we don’t have just one… we have them everywhere we look!   Around every corner!

These hideous beasts are these “boing boing” doorstops (official name from here on out).

Ug.  They do have one redeeming quality though.  Once discovered, they have the ability to keep a scooting/crawling baby entertained for a good 10 minutes (which is 2 hours in adult time).   But, other than that, these brassy coiled atrocities are nothing but eyesores.

Today, we shall fix that.

I admit I do have an ulterior motive behind this project.  I’ve been needing to replace or move my “boing boing” in my entry way since the genius who installed it had some miscalculations.

See how the front door easily glides right past it?

I didn’t discover this, however, until I hung a mirror behind the door a couple of years ago.

Someone is lucky that I want to refinish that mirror anyway.

Anyway, so I’ve been needing to do something about this situation for quite some time.  And what I came up with was easy as pie and took mere minutes!

I went to Lowe’s and got a package of 2 “large craft finials” (found back by the lumber near the mouldings, etc.) for $2.93.

These were perfect because they already had the screw in the bottom.  

I dug out our trim work paint from the basement, painted the finial the same color and allowed it to dry.

Next I stuck one of these bumpers onto the end where the door would be hitting (package of 12 for $2.58, also found at Lowe’s).

Then I removed the “boing boing” and used the existing hole to install the new finial!

Due to the difference in length, it lines up perfectly now and the mirror is safe!

Not to mention no more eye sore in the front entry.  :)

A little side note: I probably wouldn’t install one of these in a narrow, high traffic area such as a hallway.  I can imagine they would not be great to stub your toe on!  But it’s perfect for an out-of-the-way-behind-a-door area of a contained room or entry way.


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  1. Anonymous says

    Great idea! I actually need something to keep a door from drifting closed and blocking another door, maybe I could add a magnet to this?

  2. Lisa says

    Do you happen to know the length of the fenial? I need one longer than the typical doorstop. Like by an inch and a half.



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