Fabric Decorative Vase Fillers

I was at my friend’s home a few weeks ago when I spotted a glass bowl filled with the CUTEST little decorative balls I had ever seen.  She told me she had just made them that week & told me how to do it.  That, my friends, is what got the brain going on filling my empty glass vases… which helped me to come up with the Thumb Tack Decor I did last week (thank you for the amazing response, by the way, holy cow!) since I was wanting to mix a couple of different kinds of decorative balls together but didn’t know what else to do.

Well, today we shall learn how to make the original idea!  You may or may not have seen these before but I absolutely love how they can be completely customized.  Not to mention how cheap & easy they are to make!

Decorative Fabric Balls

1.  Cut up fabric into 1/2 inch strips making sure it is long enough to go completely around your styrofoam ball.  You may want to go a little thinner or wider depending on the size of your styrofoam ball.  This is the perfect way to use up scraps from pillows or curtains you made in a room.  Or cut up one of your husbands old dress shirts if it goes with your room!  It doesn’t take much fabric to make one of these.

2)  Wrap fabric strip around ball & pin so you attach both ends to the ball.

3) Turn ball & repeat with another fabric strip.  Using a new pin each time.

4)   This is really cute using different but coordinating fabric strips or all the same fabric on one ball.

5) Repeat attaching fabric strips until entire ball is covered!

6) Check timer to see exactly how long it took you to make (once the fabric strips were cut).
3 MINUTES???  That’s IT??  
7)  Make a ton more because it’s so fun that you can’t stop yourself.  I did all different sizes for added interest. 
I also love that there is no commitment with these things.  Later on, when I want to make something else or maybe just change out the fabric they are so easy to take apart and use again.  It’s just a matter of taking out a few pins.  Perfect!
Here are a couple of photos of the ones my friend made.  She has the Modern French Country style down to an exact science.  I love that these have an entirely different feel than the ones I made.
I am in love.
I’m now keeping my eye out for some other kinds of decorative vase fillers to put in the mix!  Have you made any?  Care to share?  I will probably copy you. :)
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