Birthday Balloon Wreath

I have three kids.  
They were all born in January.  
The last two have the SAME birthday.
I know….annoying!  
And yes, if you’re counting back on your fingers, April is a big month for us.  It’s our anniversary & my birthday!   Why, what were you thinking about?  Sickos. 
The point is, you should not be surprised I’m birthday prepping here in the spring.   December is crazy and then January always hits me like a ton of bricks.   So I’ve been wanting to make one of these fun balloon birthday wreaths forever but when the birthdays are drawing near you can forget about me having time to do it.  We are spring breaking at my SIL’s house and guess what?  She wanted to make one too…. enter some late night crafting & chatting and we now have ourselves a birthday wreath!
Here is what you need:
Balloons (tons of them in whatever colors you want)
Ribbon (coordinating with the balloons)
Tulle (also coordinating, if you wanna)
Floral pins
Straw wreath 
(I’m sure styrofoam would work too but are more expensive.  Oh, and don’t take the plastic off)
The balloon wreaths I’ve seen before have had all the colors mixed together into one big funfetti wreath. I thought I’d bring a little order to the party and do the colors in sections.  
Starting with blue:
Take the balloons and start attaching them to the wreath with floral pins.  Then go back and fill in with pieces of coordinating ribbon, attaching them the same way.  I will say that wire ribbon is probably a little better because you can bend it how you want it to cover some thin areas and it will stay put.
Then go attach some slightly longer pieces of tulle and just watch your wreath explode with fun (not literally)!
After you’ve done this one million times in various colors and are now wearing a bandaid on the tip of your thumb (I recommend putting this on BEFORE you even start, by the way… it will save you some discomfort, trust me on this) then it will start to look like this!
You must then add a fun bow at the top to hang it from and painstakingly hand paint* “CELEBRATE” on the door in the Pottery Barn font…
…. and boom!  Instant party!
Now when January rolls around we will be celebrating in style rather than the usual post-holiday exhaustion style we are accustomed to.  Perhaps we will save ourselves some therapy bills for the kids in the future? 
So, have you made one of these?  Has your thumb recovered?  Mine is still a bit tender and it’s been a couple of days since I finished it.  Totally worth it though.  :)
*I’m kidding about painting that.  It’s vinyl, of course. 

Total Cost:
About $25-$30….it all depends on how many balloons you use & how big your wreath is!  Not bad for something you can pull out for every birthday.

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  1. says

    I posted a balloon wreath today and complained about my poor finger pads. I think I’m going to have to go back and add some ribbon and tulle though. Very cute.

  2. says

    Adding that touch of vinyl really pulls the look together! The wreath is stinkin CUTE! We would ♥ to see this in our current linky party! Feel free to stop by :)

  3. Anonymous says

    Love, love, love the wreath. How about next time you make one – would wearing a thimble on your finger work?

  4. says

    Brilliant Birthday Wreath, so colorful!

    Just popping by on the Tuesday Time Out blog hop. I love your blog and I’m following … :0)

  5. says

    I love that you mixed up balloons and ribbons. It’s very cute! I have two birthdays in July and am starting to plan and prepare now so I don’t go crazy the last week of June. That’s the plan anyway. 😉

  6. says

    I love this! I will definitely be making this. Seems like something I can do in front of the tv without paper scraps, glue, etc. all over the place. Since it’s absolutely adorable too, I’ll go for it! :0)
    Great job!

  7. says

    Hi there!! We have had a love affair with your balloon wreath since the day we first saw it–we are featuring it on our post with our take for teacher appreciation week!! Thanks for the inspiration
    Holiday Snob

  8. says

    This is just wonderful! Love the bright fun colors and your children will love it too as well as guests! Love your comments about the sore fingers!Thanks in advance!

  9. crystal says

    Thats cute!!!! How long did it take? Id like to second you on the april/jan thing LOL all my 3 are jan babies as well lol jan 12,14,21 hahaha my anni is dec tho ironically enough….that part of yr is a pain and always broke lol

  10. liz says

    ok.ok…are you kidding me….? you are totally a storm…rocking girl!
    Amazing…i have to add i would like the idea of doing this wreath using fruits and veggies and hang them on the birthday parties as well, like around the chairs…i think the kids would love it because they are convenient to from the trees…lol…add leaves to make them colourful… kids were also born in january so i think it would make the party amazingly fun…(sorry i like my fruits and vegetables) :)

  11. judy may says

    How would it do to string the balloons and then put them on the wreath either by pinning or wrapping the wreath? When wrapping the string around, you would leave gaps in the back where the balloons aren’t needed. At least, it would make it quicker and easier.

  12. nancy says

    These wreaths are adorable, but before giving as a gift, please make sure the recipient is not latex allergic. These can cause a reaction in someone who is.


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