Sunday Encouragement: Think the Best {8.24.14}

Think the Best of Each Other... love this quote!

I wonder how many potentially great relationships might be saved if this principle were applied.  I feel like seeing the best in others is a trait that comes naturally to very few people.  For the rest of us it is a skill that we need to work on every day in order to see the good in other people. … [Continue reading]

Gift Idea: Quick “Drop-Off” Treat for a Friend

Just a little "TWEET" gift idea to drop a goodie off at a friend's house!  Everyone loves a yummy "tweet" and to know someone is thinking about them!

It seems like you can always find a reason to stop by a friend's house and drop off a little goodie.  Maybe you heard from another mom in your playgroup that another mom is going through some difficult times right now.  Maybe you saw someone at church who looked like they could use a "hey! I'm … [Continue reading]