So many AWESOME IKEA hacks!  A ton I haven't seen before!

I'm going to admit something right now.  They built an Ikea about 5 minutes away from my house a couple of years ago and I have never been happier.  Truly.  My happiness increased.  I don't go there every day or anything but just knowing it's there brings me joy.  And knowing that I can go and buy … [Continue reading]

Bandana Party Napkin “Rings”

Bandana Party Napkin "Rings" |  Such an easy way to add a summery touch to your next backyard BBQ!

Today's project could NOT be easier.  Truly.  But, at the same time, it's the perfect touch to your next backyard BBQ!  That bandana pattern means summer to me, for whatever reason, so adding them into your party decor brings a fantastic casual, summery feel.  And they are so inexpensive ($1 each) … [Continue reading]