Sunday Encouragement: Freedom {8.31.14}

Take Nothing Personally... it's a burden we don't need to carry!

  I am an absolute firm believer in this!!  Remove yourself from the shackles of believing that what others do & say is related to you, or is somehow your fault!  When someone is rude or judgemental or misunderstands you, you have to know that 99% of the time it is because of something … [Continue reading]

Sunday Encouragement: Think the Best {8.24.14}

Think the Best of Each Other... love this quote!

I wonder how many potentially great relationships might be saved if this principle were applied.  I feel like seeing the best in others is a trait that comes naturally to very few people.  For the rest of us it is a skill that we need to work on every day in order to see the good in other people. … [Continue reading]